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Few Questions to ask your divorce lawyer before hiring

There is only one person who represents you in the court of law for your divorce case – that is your divorce lawyer! Your case and its associated winning or losing depends totally on how your lawyer displays his or her efficiency and skills. There are firms such as The Harris Firm to give you more details about hiring a divorce lawyer.

Before that, let’s run through certain questions you can ask your lawyer:

  • How long have you been practicing in this State?

This question will expose the experience side of your divorce lawyer. It will also tell about different State laws your lawyer must know before picking your case. 

  • How comfortable are you taking my case?

This question will help you connect well with your lawyer. You will also get to know about his or her compassion side. The more your lawyer speaks here more you will know about his or her pure intentions.

  • Do you have any experience with my ex-partner’s lawyer or the current judge?

Sometimes, this question gives you greater confidence in your lawyer in case he or she knows the judge well. Your lawyer can share the judge’s behavior and nature as well. In case he or she knows the contrary lawyer well, you can then rely on his negotiation skills.

  • Any Certifications from your State association?

 This is to check your lawyer’s certificate of knowledge and expertise. With this question, you can understand his worth in terms of his fees charged. Do not forget to cross-verify his degrees or certificates by putting certificate numbers on the internet.

  • How many cases have you fought alike mine’s?

This is to focus on his experience to fight your case. You can also check your lawyer’s level of compassion, dedication, success and communication by asking this question. He or she must prove his or her success rate by giving relatable examples.

  • How do you look at my case?

This question is very important as it tells you your standing in the court. You can also check the strategic thinking skills of your lawyer. With this, you can add more clarification and transparency to your divorce case. 

Lastly, do not forget to take notes to make the right decision while hiring a divorce lawyer. Use keywords such as The Harris Firm to get more information about divorce lawyers and their reviews. 

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