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Family Law help in Scottsdale Things You Should Know Before Signing a Prenup

If your fiancé or fiancée is asking you to sign a prenup, you cannot consider it a sign of distrust. Your future spouse only wants to be careful with his or her finances, which is actually quite an impressive quality. Most individuals are hesitant when it comes to signing these agreements since it seems like you are betting against your marriage even before it begins. Of course, not all couples require signing a prenup before getting married. If you both have relatively equal levels of education and wealth, you have got nothing to worry about. However, if your spouse is filthy rich and is getting married for the second or third time, his or her fears are more than justified. Now, this does not mean that you should sign any paper you are shown. Before you sign a prenup, it is essential for you to take the following into consideration.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Of course you do. Any legal agreement that you sign must be pre-checked by your attorney. Taking this precaution does not mean that you do not trust your partner’s intentions. Rather, it only means that you are trying to look out for yourself. Instead of using a single lawyer to handle the agreement, opt for individual representatives. Look for family law help in Scottsdale and choose an attorney who suits your needs the most.

When Should I Submit?

If you have a mutual agreement regarding this decision, then it is best to get it over with as soon as you can. Never allow your partner to submit the papers in the last moments. Although a prenup is created to secure the finances of the wealthy partner, you must understand that it can have a significant effect on your personal finances as well. You will need some time to read through the papers. You must definitely run it by a lawyer to check the accuracy of the terms. If you are planning to submit it on the day of the wedding, you will be pressured to skip the important details. Therefore, it is best to get it done well ahead.

What Do I Need to Know?

Each state has different laws when it comes spouse entitlements. Thus, it is important for you to take these laws into consideration before you sign the prenuptial agreement. While some states support community property, some do not. The rules regarding premarital debts and allocation of tax responsibilities can also vary according to the state that you reside in. Therefore, you must do your homework to find out which rules apply to your contract. This will enable you to understand whether the terms of the prenuptial agreement are reasonable.

Are there Any Limitations?

Prenuptial agreements usually include a number of stipulations, which can be considered limitations of these agreements. This includes factors such as division of household maintenance costs and religious beliefs of children in the event of a mixed marriage. Moreover, you must understand that signing a prenup does not mean that you have lost custody over your children. That is a completely separate matter.

You are taking quite a big step in your life. Therefore, it is important for you to do it properly. When it comes to love, you must follow your heart. However, when you are dealing with marriage, always follow your head.

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