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Evaluations to Make When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Finding a competent and experienced car accident attorney is very advantageous when dealing with a car accident lawsuit. If you suffered injuries from a car crash or accident, you must hold the negligent party accountable and seek your rightful compensation. You need a car accident attorney who has your best interests at heart to represent you as you focus on recovery.

A reputable car accident attorney can determine the most accurate settlement estimate, file all the legal paperwork, collect evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, represent you in court if necessary, and offer legal advice. Check out these considerations to make when evaluating portland car accident lawyers.

Experience and competence

Your choice of a car accident attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your case. You need a highly experienced attorney who has dealt with car accident lawsuits of your kind before. Solid experience and competence are some of the factors you should consider when hiring one. The success rate indicates how experienced and successful the lawyer is and can help you know what to expect if you engage them in your case. Choose a car accident who is skilled and competent in handling car accident claims.


You should work with a car accident attorney who is respected in their field of specialization. You know the lawyer is reputable if other professionals and peers respect them. Also, you can enquire from previous clients about the lawyer's reputation and what it is like to work with them. You can also check online reviews to determine the reputation of a car accident attorney you consider hiring.

Legal charges

Legal charges are another thing that comes to play when choosing a car accident attorney. You need to find out how the lawyer charges their clients and what to expect during your case. Some car accident attorneys work on contingency which means that you pay them a percentage of the money you receive as compensation. Others charge a flat rate fee for their services, while others charge an hourly fee. You must understand all the legal charges you will incur beforehand to make an informed choice. Also, ensure there are no hidden costs that will come in as surprises during the case. You can never go wrong with a car accident attorney who works on a contingency basis since you will pay them once you get your compensation.


Many clients often complain about hiring a lawyer who is never available for them. You don't want to make such a mistake when hiring a car accident attorney. Ensure the car accident attorney you hire is available whenever you need them and is happy to respond to your calls. You can know this by asking questions about your case and seeing how accommodating the lawyer is before hiring them.

Clear communication

Last but not least, you should hire a car accident attorney who clearly communicates with you on the ongoings of your case. If the lawyer cannot provide clear insight into your questions during the first meeting, you will have problems communicating with them in the future.

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