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Electronic Signatures: A Booster for Your Business

The Future Belongs to E-Solutions

In the modern world, we need almost each thing around to be flexible, accessible, accurate, and properly working both online and offline. And our requirements as to the speed of every process are constantly growing. If you are fed up with processing your company’s papers remotely, converting formats, wasting time in creating templates, and so on, you will surely find the technology of electronic signatures helpful. Such services are perfectly provided by signNow.

About signNow

The company has been successfully working for 8 years. Its founders Chris Hawkins and Andrew Ellis had a goal to get rid of the problem of signature fraud. And the implementation of electronic signatures became the solution to it. The technology allowed to legally add signatures to all types of electronic documents with genuineness, non-repudiation, and data integrity. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption to provide security to users. SignNow allows its users, both individuals and businesses, to easily manage and sign their documents. No one can doubt the fact e-signature technology does make your company’s working processes faster. And the faster they are, the more efficient the business is. The more efficient the business, the bigger the profit!

What Can signNow Do? 

As soon as you upload your documents to signNow, they get to cloud storage, and a range of helpful features become available for you. With signNow, you can sign any type of documents, for instance, PDFs, invoices, contracts, and do it anywhere with irrefutable security guaranteed. Do it either from your desktop or a mobile phone, which is possible since signNow is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Also, signNow lets you send a document for a signature to as many partners or customers as you need. 

When a paper is sent, a user can track the status of the document and all the changes made and signatures put. In addition to preparing templates for future signers, payments can be received without problems. Moreover, you are able to manage the document itself. Just choose a field where to put a signature or a stamp if needed. 

All necessary data can be easily transported between uploaded documents while the latter ones can be conveniently merged. And if you need your PDF file to be sent in Doc format, you don’t have to download and use another program — SignNow is able to cope with it.

Save Your Time and Money

The electronic signature solution has proven to be an efficient investment in your business. Imagine, while your main competitors are still trying to install new software to send a document to a prospective customer, you have already made a deal with them. And it took you minimum time and effort thanks to signNow. The focus here is made on clients’ needs. The user-friendly product offers seamless document integration, starter tutorials for newcomers, automated operations without coding, and quick set-ups. If choosing an automation bot and adjusting it in the correct way, you don’t need to check whether your contract is signed every 5 minutes. The bot and a reminder will do it instead of you. And then they will send a document to a particular address you have filled. Upon getting a pleasant notification to your device, you do realize time is money. What have you managed to do within this time? Sure, plenty of things. This way, signNow increases your productivity, simplifies workflows, and makes a company’s profit bigger. SignNow enables your employees, partners, and customers to operate in a more efficient and fast way via shareable workflows, connecting everyone at all times. Keep and manage contracts, invoices, and other documents in a single digital workplace. Due to it, your team will be able to create and sign a form in a minute, not an hour.

Those Who Chose signNow

SignNow increases the number of satisfied customers all over the globe every year. Among signNow’s partners, there are such famous companies as Xerox, LiveHive, Evotec, Optica Ventures LCC, Colliers International, Zoom, SBS Sports Network, TechData, and others. All of them point out the exceptional contribution of using signNow to their businesses. For instance, Jeff Klenner, the President of the Evotec Company, highlights the safety of signNow services and its successful “non-bug” mobile version. Christina Bell, Sr. Manager at FR, prefers signNow to its alternatives, such as EchoSign, because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Jim Puerner, Vice President of Tutor Perini, is happy about signNow`s integration with Egnyte. By joining signNow, you will understand what all of them like about it.

Competitive Advantage

It’s true that many of signNow’s permanent customers have had some experience of working with competitors. The services of electronic signatures are provided by many alternative companies, such as DocuSign, PandaDoc, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, OnlineSignature, Legalesign, and others. In comparison with DocuSign, signNow offers a range of great features, including the possibility to have as many signature invites as you wish, to set a signature stamp position, to merge documents into a single PDF, and to use a modifiable field order for recipients. Wherein, both signNow’s basic and business plans cost less than those of DocuSign. signNow’s basic plan will cost you $8, and the business plan reaches $15 per user a month, while DocuSign features $10 and $25-40 per user/month respectively. Meanwhile, such important tools as team management, user and access control, or administration are available with signNow without extra cost. Be sure, choosing signNow — you won’t go wrong.

So, to get an electronic signature as real and legal as a wet one; to manage documents and enjoy a simple interface and all helpful tools; to be confident your contracts are safe, check out signNow!

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