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Don’t Make the Wrong Call with Selecting a Lawyer

If you’re lucky, you will never have to call on a lawyer for his or her services in life.

No, it isn’t that they are not nice people, it is that needing a lawyer oftentimes means you’re in some sort of trouble with the law or going through a less than simple divorce, child custody matter etc.

That said selecting the right lawyer for your legal needs is not something you should take for granted. In fact, choosing the wrong one in your time of need could end meaning the difference between winning a court case and facing the music.

So, are you prepared to make the right call when selecting a lawyer?

Look at Experience and Personality

In your decision to select the right lawyer, it oftentimes boils down to a few important traits.

For starters, whether choosing Scheiner Law in the Houston area or one a little closer to where you live, remember these items:

  1. Experience – You can’t select a lawyer that hasn’t had at least a few runs through a courtroom. Granted, there are some very talented young minds out there, but you are oftentimes best served by going with someone who has rolled up their sleeves and been in a few battles with the other side. He or she should know not only the courtroom lingo and how things typically work, but also who might be representing the prosecution in any given case. That latter fact is important in putting together one’s case, knowing how the opposition might react to what is said and/or demonstrated in court;
  2. Temperament – Just as in most fields in life, lawyers come in a variety of personalities. Some men and women in this field are rather quiet and lead by example. Others, however, may put on a show in the courtroom, a show that sometimes will win their clients the case. Most importantly, you want to select a lawyer who does care about your case, therefore not just looking for a quick paycheck. For example, if you are charged with a DWI or other serious driving offense, much time and effort needs to go into proving your side of events. Were you truly drunk and over the legal limit where you were busted or was a simple matter of taking a prescription drug (maybe combined with one beer or glass of wine) the reason your driving was erratic? Either way, law enforcement is of course going to have a beef with your driving, especially if you could have put other drivers and/or passengers in harm’s way. The bottom line is going with a lawyer who will apply the right amount of time, effort, and even caring to your case;
  3. Deal-making – In many cases, it all could come down to working out a plea deal in order to have you avoid the worst possible case outcome. If you are willing to accept such a plea, it is important that your lawyer be able to craft such a deal in the first place. This is where not only their experience, but also their ability to work with the prosecution comes in so very handy. Just as in a political setting, he or she must reach across the aisle and get done whatever is best for their client;
  4. Closing – Even though you likely hope your run-in with law enforcement and prosecutors was a one-time thing, the door could always open to more run-ins down the road. If you like the lawyer you have chosen for your initial court case, knowing that he or she will likely be around for years to come is a comforting feeling, certainly better than relying on a public defender or switching lawyers continually.

When faced with a serious charge such as a DWI, you don’t want to make the wrong call in selecting a lawyer.

Making the right choice the first time around can make or break how things go for you in court, so don’t take such a selection for granted.

Whether you choose the lawyer all by yourself or rely on family etc. to help you in the decision, get the call right from day one.

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