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Documents to Show Your Attorney After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Everything feels chaotic after a motor vehicle accident. Not only do you have to focus on treating your injuries and sorting out the insurance situation, but you may also need to hire an attorney. Having a legal expert nearby can prove more useful than you think, especially since you will have to deal with a variety of processes that require knowing the laws. 

Now, finding car accident attorneys in your area should be pretty easy, but what do you do next? Since you’re working with a lawyer moving forward, you need to know what documents you should show them. This article will list a series of documents that you should prepare for your attorney, so let’s get started.

  • Accident-Related Tickets

Sometimes, whether it’s intentional or not, you may end up violating traffic rules and getting a ticket from a police officer. It can be embarrassing, but that doesn’t mean you should sweep this under the rug. If you get any tickets, you should show them to the legal expert who is helping you. 

  • Medical Bills

It is mandatory to seek medical care after getting into a car accident. Even if you feel fine and there are no visible injuries, there may have still been damage that you just don’t know about yet. Besides, even small injuries must be treated. It’s a way to prevent your condition from getting worse and you can gather medical records that will help you in your case.

So, once you have all your medical records, you should show them to your lawyer, as they can be extremely useful for your personal injury claim.

  • Videos or Photos

Photos and videos represent great evidence during a car accident case. They can show the extent of the damage suffered by the cars at the accident scene, as well as how bad your injuries might have been, whether someone might’ve violated traffic laws, and so on. 

This is why it’s important to take as many photos and videos as possible. If you are severely injured, unconscious, or you have no phone to take your photos on, you should look for alternatives. If there were surveillance cameras in the area, ask for footage from the time of the accident. You have no idea how much this can change the course of the case.

Once you have this type of documentation, present it to your attorney.

  • Witness Details

There may have been witnesses at the car crash scene, and it’s crucial to collect information from them. If people are willing to give you their contact information, make a list and add names, addresses, phone numbers, and other similar details that may come in handy later.

Once you have the information, give it to your attorney to prepare the list of witnesses.

  • Insurance Policy

Most likely, you have a car insurance policy. Your lawyer will certainly ask for a copy of it. This is important because it will reveal the type of insurance recovery you might be able to access. 

Now, there’s no need for concern if you cannot find a copy of the insurance policy. If you give your approval, your attorney can obtain one.

  • Pay Stubs

In some instances, when a car accident is bad and leads to more severe injuries, you may be unable to work anymore. This can be terrible as you end up losing money in the process. It will affect your life significantly over the next couple of weeks, perhaps even months. 

However, you should not forget to keep evidence of lost wages. If you have proof of this, you may be able to recover some money. Keep track of any lost wages and present the evidence to your attorney.

  • Police Records and Reports

Police officers will create a report when they arrive at the car accident scene. This report will include information regarding the crash, who the parties involved are, witness statements, as well as contact information. It can help the case a lot depending on who was guilty. 

By getting a copy of the police report, you will be able to give your lawyer something to work with to help you win the case. It may even spark convenient settlement negotiations.

The Bottom Line

You must do everything you can to make sure you prove your case. Collecting the right documents to give your attorney will help for sure. Make sure to collect everything listed in this article and you will improve your chances of success.

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