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Do You Need A Lawyer When You Get Bitten by A Dog?

Dogs are considered a man's friend; however, they can be dangerous if mishandled or if they are aggressive by nature. Laws are governing public safety and if dogs bite people, it's a clear violation.

According to the Centre for Disease control 38% of households in the US have one or more dogs.

As a citizen, you are protected by the constitution and sometimes local subsidiary laws depending on the state in question. To fully understand what you need to do, interpret the law, and get the legal advice you need a lawyer's help.

Below are the reasons why you need to consult a lawyer after a dog bite:

1. Make an Insurance claim

Many dog bites are compensated for insufficient amounts by insurance companies. This is done using complicated wording and intricate terms in the contract document. However, you can get commensurate amounts with the help of a lawyer.

This is a breakdown of what the lawyer will assist you with: -

· Getting the facts right - A lawyer can use his networks and resources to gather all necessary information for a solid case. This includes a medical professional report, hiring investigators to know dogs conduct and take photographs about the incidence

· Interpret Laws concerned - Due to the ever-changing nature of laws, lawyers have a better understanding of prevailing circumstances. Any recent changes in local laws, supreme laws will be applied and interpreted accordingly with the help of a lawyer.

· Make a claim - After getting all the documentation, details, and other requirements right. It’s time to present the claim. Lawyers will offer an objective case that has a high chance of a payout. The contingent fee paid for the service is good to forego, instead of receiving a meager payout from insurance companies.

· Maintain Business Relationships - Trying to tackle claim issues with your agent can be interpreted as aggressive due to wordings and blame game. A lawyer can diffuse the situation through the presentation of the facts, balanced arguments, and minimal criticisms.

Dog bites can be covered in your personal injury covers, medical covers, or claimed from the owner's insurance. The anguish, pain, lost opportunities should be reimbursed if a cover exists.

2. Interpret and Read Local Statutes

Based on your location, it may be difficult, costly, and time-consuming to use bigger courts in the land. Local courts, therefore, come in handy. To effectively get justice, a lawyer can help you use local statutes to your advantage.

Some areas use strict liability which shields owners from some liabilities. This sometimes proves a big burden when presenting cases. In other cases, the dogs' behavior is protected under the law, including rabies.

If for instance you are in Detroit, Dog Bite Attorney in Detroit can help you get maximum and a deserving claim. The attorney will use the updated laws to your cases’ advantage.

3. Represent you in Court

Dog bites can cause you to have infections, create fear, and other related losses. The law however requires the victim to prove the owner’s negligence lead to the biting. There are also other requirements based on the local statutes.

To create cases that can hold merit in court is good for your welfare.

A lawyer can help you successfully present a court case in the following ways.

· Get a Commensurate Damage - Under the common law, you’re entitled to damages if you’ve been bitten by a dog. Depending on the merits of a case, this figure can be high and help you to cover lost income and opportunities—this more so when your work is temporarily halted.

· Witness - Witness helps cement or improve the strength of a case. One of the preliminary advices a lawyer can give you is to take details of a witness. A lawyer can contact the witness to help build on the case. It’s also the role of the lawyer to present the witness during the case proceedings.

· Restricting orders - Due to the negative effects that dogs bring to people like hospitalization, and creating fear, lawyers can help maintain public safety. This is through the issuance of restraining orders.

A lawyer can investigate a dog owner to determine their conduct towards public safety. This includes being aware of the dog's behavior or leaving gates open or walking dogs without a leash. 

To effectively lodge cases in courts, lawyers can navigate all loopholes including possible disclaimers.


Due to the rising number of dog owners, you cannot predict your safety. A general understanding of what is needed to defend your rights is a bonus. If you suffer damages from a dog bite like hospitalization or inability to attend daily activities, a lawyer can help you make a claim.

This includes insurance reimbursements, claiming legal damages, and issuance of deterrent orders.

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