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Divorce and its procedure


The easiest way to define marriage is it’s a union between man and woman. It is human nature that he cannot survive alone. He always needs a partner to rely on. It is one of the pillars on which society stands. When two individuals decide to live together and want to make their relationship public and lawful, they choose marriage.

Undoubtedly, marriage is the unification of two separate beings, but other factors play an essential role like society, customs, beliefs, laws, and rules that regulate relationships. Marriage is all about the willingness to share duties and responsibilities.

The reasons to get married can be a financial dependency, a stable lifestyle, or to continue the generation. It is a support system that keeps you motivated so that now you are not alone and have to work for other people’s happiness. This can be a blessing for many people.

What is Divorce?

A divorce is an option related to marriage. Like marriage is all about the willingness to tolerate each other on the other hand, divorce is the decision to grow separately. There are so many people eager to get married, but at the same time, there are many couples that wish to flourish individually.

Marriage can be the most fantastic part of anyone’s life, but it can be a curse for some people. It is good to tolerate and show patience, but sometimes you have to focus on yourself as well, whether you are happy or not.

Marriage is a tie usually made to live a peaceful life, but this wedlock could be shackles that stop your individual growth, and you feel frustrated. Then in such cases, the best option is to decide to live apart.

People have positive effects which attract others, but negative vibes repel them. They can be a danger to other people’s mental health. After all, marriage’s purpose is to relax and be peaceful, and if you are still feeling frustrated, then there is no point in dragging it.

Divorce allows an individual to willingly end the wedlock as a separate individual after realizing that you made a wrong decision. This is also a blessing if your marriage is toxic.

Valid reasons:

There are some excellent reasons to get a divorce and where it is the only solution to the problems. The abusive pattern in marriage can be one reason where one partner is so abusive that it is affecting the mental or physical health, even the children. Separation of parents affects the children, but in such a case, it is the best option.

Marriage ends on trust issues when the partner is cheating on you or infidelity. This hurts the feelings of another person. Marriage is the bond between two, and the presence of any third person causes damage which in most cases is due to extramarital affairs.

Addiction to anything is wrong. It can be overcome when the individual is willing to control it for the love of his\her life. But if it is not the case, then addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or even pornography is intolerable. Separating yourself or your children from that person through a divorce is the right decision.

Could be reasons for divorce:

Like there are countless reasons to get married. There are many reasons to seek divorce. Young age marriage increases the likelihood of divorce because you are not mature to tackle such a serious relationship, especially in the early years of marriage.

Having less income can be the reason which creates stress while managing the budget and how to run home expenses. There can be differences in beliefs that you realized after living together, like religious beliefs.

If you experience your parent’s divorce, this increases the risk, but the chances could be triple if your partner also faced the same issue in his\her life. It is not necessary in all cases but could be the reason.

The procedure of divorce:

Divorce could be the most challenging decision of anyone’s life, but still, it is not easy to cut the knot and leave. It involves proper law procedure with some precautionary steps that you must take while thinking about divorce.

Step one is filing the petition, which means one from two spouses has to file a legal petition in order to start the process of divorce. This results in the termination of the marriage. It involves stating the reason for divorce, or at least one spouse must meet the criteria of state residency requirements. A couple can also choose the no-fault divorce where no reason or blame is put on the partner.

Step two is demanding the temporary orders. In some cases, waiting for a 6-month court hearing is not possible so that the client can ask for temporary orders. These temporary orders include spousal support, child support, or child custody.

After asking for temporary orders, the third step will be to send a copy of the paperwork to your spouse and file proof of service. This can be an easy step if your spouse is willing to divorce, but it can be complicated if the other person is not ready to end the marriage or drag the issue. Professional assistance is required here to deal with this matter.

The receiver of this paperwork copy has to submit the replay on this matter. It is his\her responsibility, and failing to reply in the assigned period complicates the case or is even expensive to reverse.

Step four could be the negotiation of settlement. If the spouses are unclear about the child custody or property division, they can discuss the matter and agree. Here the court plays the role of mediator by arranging the meeting between two parties. The court is the neutral third party that only facilities the argument.

And the last step is the finalization of the decision. After going through the whole divorce process, from filing to a conclusion, here is the previous step. The judge signs the final judgment of divorce, which ends the agreement of marriage. The judge also communicates how the couple will deal with the parenting time and custodial responsibilities.

Attorney for divorce:

Either divorce is the decision of one or both spouses; it involves a whole complicated law process. To smoothly walk you through the procedure seeking professional assistance is essential. Professionals can only tackle some issues.

Los Angeles Divorce Attorney is the best option because they have experience in this field and helped many like you in this stressful phase of life. They are skilled and equipped with all the necessary ways and offer you one of the best solutions.

The collective term used for this is called “Family Code,” which means divorce is not just the dissolving of the wedding knot but also involves supposed support, child support, child custody, and property division. So a customized strategy is needed for the case.

Suppose the other party is denying ending the marriage and intentionally creating complexities in the whole procedure. In that case, the diplomatic, strategic, and convincing presentation of the matter is needed in the court to make it strong. Only professionals can provide this help.


Marriage is a precious bond between two individuals, but there are some reasons which reduce its significance. You feel hurt, torn, and vulnerable in such conditions where making decisions is always tricky.

But if you made up your mind to face the hurdles to live a life of satisfaction in the future, you always need an ear that can listen to your situation. Empathize with you and be capable of taking you out from this scenario.

If it is a matter between two individuals, the divorce procedure is complex, but if you have children, then it can intensify the whole process. There are some points where professional advice and support are needed. A person could never take the right decision in an emotionally frustrated state and regret the consequences later.

People still want to get married, but the divorce rate is increasing day by day. There could be many reasons for this. Living an independent life with peace and satisfaction is much better than being in a toxic relationship and compromising your happiness. The purpose of marriage is mental growth, and if it is risking your mental health, then such a relationship is not worth keeping.

It is not necessary that there should be wrong or right, sometimes compatibility is not there, which is realized after many years of marriage. Divorce is a powerful solution; one can also go for legal separation, allowing one to live separate lives. Even in this case, you need a marriage law-related attorney who can see all the documentation and the precautionary steps.

Researchers find out that divorce or permanent separation occurs in approximately 40%-50% of cases of first marriages. The rate of a long-term marriage decreases day after day, and the circumstances of divorce are increasing. The reason could be the laws are much more accessible and pursuable to make things easy and less traumatizing.

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