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Dealing with a DUI Case? 4 Tips from Leading Attorneys

 Drunk driving is one of the major causes of accidents on our roads today. The police take this as a serious offence, and being arrested for DUI is something to avoid. However, this can be traumatizing if it still happens, and the penalties can be grave. How can I best handle a DUI case? Well, any skilled attorney will tell you to hire expert legal representation, and there are various tips for a successful DUI case.

Let's check them out:

  1. Comply with the police

Even if you're a first time offender, if your blood alcohol level is off the charts and you get involved in an accident, you will undoubtedly get jailed. So, if you're ever arrested for DUI, you'll need to understand how to go about the situation. The best idea to deal with this is to first cooperate with the police. 

Being aggressive will not help your case at all. Also, accept to take the breathalyzer test; refusing gives the police the right to give you automatic jail time. So, comply and contact a contact an attorney promptly. 

  1. Consider an independent blood test.

 Most police officers will ask if you wish to take an independent blood test. However, some people with little information about DUI charges won't bother, and they'll miss out on an excellent opportunity to strengthen their case.  

Why is the test important? An independent blood test is usually a get out of jail free card. And this is because the officer will allow you to have it done at the nearest hospital. If the officer refuses to let you take the exam or forgets to inform you, a Jacksonville Attorney, Randy Reep, can use this as good evidence that they violated your rights.

  1. Hire a DUI attorney

There are different types of lawyers, but a DUI lawyer specializing in DUI matters is the right professional for your case. These lawyers are updated on the current rules and statutes, which helps minimize your sentence and consequences.

 Therefore, the lawyer will guide you on your rights and represent you in court. They will also use their knowledge and experience to fight for a favorable sentence. Also, don't share information with the police or any other person after arrest until your attorney arrives.

  1. Challenge the evidence from the police

Arresting officers will likely provide evidence that you were intoxicated ruing arrest. They may provide you with the results of your sobriety test and any other information from your arrest report. However, the arresting officers may overlook other circumstances, such as the side effects of your medicine at the time of the arrest. If your attorney can disclose the facts that authorities refuse to consider, you can refute the proof to your advantage.

Wrapping up

A DUI case can lead to many years in jail if you lack the right legal representation. Therefore, never go through such a case without the help of an attorney. Most states have strict laws regarding drunk driving, and you need an experienced attorney for your case. Engage a lawyer specializing in DUI cases and with years of experience handling such cases successfully.

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