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Alexandra Lozano: The Fight To Stop Human Trafficking

Undocumented immigrants often fall victim to heinous human trafficking schemes. Undocumented people are targeted by human traffickers in a modern-day version of slavery. One may think of human trafficking just as sexual slaves, however immigrants are also targeted as illegal farm workers, domestic help, and used for dangerous work of all types. Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law uses all the legal tools available to fight against human trafficking.

Helping Victims One At a Time

Many immigrant victims of human trafficking are tricked with a promise of earning their freedom. Afraid of possible legal reprisals for their undocumented entry into the United States, they are afraid to say or do anything to get out. These facilitators expect their victims to remain docile, but the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law fights back for them.

In October of 2000, Congress passed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. The law provides signature protections from reprisals even for illegal aliens and strengthens enforcement efforts. The protection takes the form of a non-immigrant visa to live and work in the United States for trafficking victims. T-Visas offer protection to victims and increase the ability of U.S. agencies to detect, investigate and prosecute cases of slavery.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Alexandra Lozano Law Firm has attracted international attention by helping immigrants with legal problems. Becoming frustrated with traditional legal maneuvering, Abogada Alexandra decided to fight back and establish a practice focused exclusively on immigration law. Her law practice often defies traditional expectations.

After experiencing considerable success with an aggressive approach, Lozano founded the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys (AMIGA) to mentor and coach other attorneys who face challenging immigration cases. She regularly hosts 6-minute Facebook Live shows to discuss pertinent immigration issues in the news, and she has developed a burgeoning following in the modern legal culture.

Joint Petitions

Alexandro Lozano has an enviable work ethic and commitment to clients who succeed when other lawyers commonly don't. Some of the standard services of Alexandra Lozano Immigration Lawyer include:

I-360 Petitions

Alexandra Lozano Law Firm regularly files I-360 petitions to put undocumented immigrants on a pathway to eventual citizenship through legal work permits and applications for permanent residency status.


These essential legal protections guarantee rights to trafficking victims in order to earn a legal living without fear of reprisals or deportation.


The victims of crimes often suffer when they are undocumented immigrants. Abogada Alexandra Lozano works to develop trust with these victims. They then cooperate with law enforcement to prosecute the criminals. U-visas protect these crime witnesses and can eventually lead to permanent legal status and citizenship.

Expanded Post-deportation Options

Many lawyers give up entirely when their clients are ordered to be deported. Lozano continues the fight to find the best possible deportation options, like reuniting families or providing employment authorization even after being deported. Deportation doesn't mean you lose all your rights, and Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law aggressively protects your with post-deportation options.

VAWA Cases

VAWA Cases can be tricky because they require proving that an immigrant was abuse by a spouse or their children. The cases often involve seeking the answers to uncomfortable questions. Still, the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm will do what it takes to help achieve their legal freedom into the country and protection from that abuser in the most comfortable way possible.

Arranging Temporary Visas for Work and College

Alexandra Lozano Law Firm works hard to arrange temporary visas for work or attending college in the United States. The cases can become complex because the immigrant often needs to prove that they can afford the tuition without working. However, they can get a work permit and still pursue an education.

Abogado Lozano works tirelessly to find ways that immigrants can stay in the United States. With an extensive network of contacts, she can often find employment/investment-sponsored immigration to prolong their stay in the United States until finding a permanent solution.

The Alexandra Lozano Law Firm strives to enable its clients to remain in the United States while their cases proceed through the courts.

Better Ways For Immigration Issues

The Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm readily accepts the advocate role in each case. She fights to obtain the truth for immigrants who are used to being reticent.

Alexandra Lozano also hosts a clinic that provides free legal advice, posts legal content on her own YouTube channel, and has authored four legal books. You can get great results with determination, and Alexandra has plenty of determination while addressing these issues and raising a family of five children.

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