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Alex Mitchell - What a Trusted IRS Tax Attorney in Charlotte, NC Does

The legal profession is one of the broadest professionals we know. There are many fields under this profession. For instance, there is criminal, estate management, tort, family, maritime, corporate, and many other fields under the legal profession. What does this mean?

It means people need to understand the various fields of law to make the most of legal practitioners. For instance, you do not see a dentist when you have issues with your eye. Although the dentist is a medical practitioner, s/he is not trained to handle issues with your eye - The optometrist is. In the same vein, working with the right legal practitioner is very important.

Considering this, you should know that the legal practitioner ideal for handling tax-related issues is a tax attorney. This is the case regardless of where you are in the country and even outside.

In this article, we will discuss these legal representatives. You are advised to pay attention as the services offered by these legal practitioners can prove helpful at some point in time. This is especially if you run a business.

Who Is a Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is a legal practitioner that has a good understanding of the taxation system and can use that knowledge to help clients. Some of the taxation aspects dealt with by this attorney include local, state, and federal taxation; estate, business, income, and property taxes; payrolls and employment; and capital gains.

Frankly, it is quite some work getting a hold of how taxation works in all these ways. However, this legal practitioner is expected to know it all. This knowledge and other professional skills will prove helpful in protecting the interest of clients.

This professional is expected to help clients understand the many and complex taxation systems. This is so that there will be no lapses in complying with the taxation laws. If this happens, this professional can also represent clients in and out of court.

How Tax Attorneys Help Clients

One of the biggest problems faced by many of these legal practitioners is not being brought into the picture on time. Many clients only consider hiring them when things are getting out of hand. Well, some of the situations that warrant their services are listed and explained below:

When Forming a Business

You should not leave them out when building the framework of your business. This is very important so that you get taxation issues sorted out from the start. For instance, you will be taught how best to file your returns and avoid complications caused by filing them inappropriately.

You can choose to see this as preventing the bigger problems that could come up later on. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Business Sale and Purchase

You should not only think about someone who argues a lot in the courtroom when you think about attorneys. This is because they do a lot more than that. You should even know the biggest deals by these legal representatives happen outside the courtroom. The whole point is that they are not only needed when you need to appear in court. They can also give priceless business advice, especially that relates to taxation.

For instance, when selling your business, investing in a new one, merging, or buying a new one, you need advice in the line of taxation. This is especially because situations differ depending on the conditions for sales or purchase.

Some of the needed advice would center on purchasing stocks, sales tax, capital gains, and even depreciation. Well, dealing with this legal practitioner is one of the best ways to get priceless advice. This is so that you make the most of your business sale or purchase.

Other than offering quality professional advice as discussed above, they also help with paperwork. This is especially when drafting contract provisions that center on tax-related matters. You should also know that tax clearance and state audits will be handled by them in the long run.

Estate Planning

Leaving an inheritance or being a beneficiary of one can be quite complicated. This is especially because taxation can be a big issue. Well, this professional is there to make sure you are covered in this regard. This is why people who want to prepare their wills and leave an inheritance to people should work with them. Frankly, this is an area where the legal practice of tax attorneys and estate management attorneys clash.

This article is not intended to discuss the role of estate management attorneys. If you are curious about what they do, you can click here. Having established this, you should know that working with a tax attorney can help you avoid the complication of taxation usually associated with inheritance.

Up-to-Date Information on Tax Laws

The IRS and some other administrations make changes to taxation for various reasons. So, there is the need to keep track of the state of things, understand the implications of changes, and how to comply. The problem is that you are busy running the affairs of your business and have little or no time to know when taxation changes are made. Unfortunately, you might end up violating the law even when you do not know it.

You can avoid all these by simply working with a tax attorney. This is their area of core competence, and they are therefore one step ahead and know when these changes are made. Furthermore, they understand the implications of these changes and how to comply. This is why working with them is in your best interest.

You should know these attorneys can help debate taxation laws that are outrightly wrong or unfavorable. For instance, the state of Maryland is trying to introduce something known as ads tax laws.

This is a taxation system that will require some tech industries to pay taxes on ads. Well, tax attorneys are among the long list of legal representatives hired by these tech giants to argue against the need for this law.


You are strongly advised to play by the rules when it comes to paying taxes. It is a lot better that way. However, what happens when you are found guilty of evading taxes or fail in payment?

You can hire these professionals to come to your rescue in these moments. They know how to deal with the IRS and other tax-related bodies in such situations. For instance, they can reach an agreement with these bodies to reduce your tax on certain grounds. The whole point is how they are helpful when it comes to handling tax-related issues.

Handling Tax Disputes

It is possible you play by the rules and still gets witch-hunted by the IRS or any other tax-related body. For instance, you might be suspected by them for baseless reasons and have to undergo an audit.

First, you should not handle it all on your own. This is because the IRS can be too much for you to handle even if you are blameless. So, you should reach out to your tax attorney or hire one (if you do not have one already).

This professional will help you put your house for their audit. This is very important because it is not what you have done but how it looks that matters when dealing with the IRS. So, this professional will help you look right before the auditors. And just in case the reports of the audit are unfavorable, you can debate the findings through your tax attorney.

Hiring the Right Tax Attorney

We can all agree on one thing when dealing with these legal practitioners – hiring the right one is important. This is because the wrong one would cost you a lot. So, how should you go about hiring the right one?

Firstly, deal with a locally based one. This is because the law is different based on location. For instance, when is obtainable in Charlotte, North Carolina is different from Austin, Texas? So, you should work with an option in Charlotte, NC if this is where you and/or your business are based. This also means the professional should be licensed and accredited to practice in the area. For instance, a good option should be licensed by the IRS, the state bar association, and some other bodies.

Secondly, s/he should have a wealth of experience with successful outcomes to show for it. This is also why unbiased reviews are important. Options like BBB (Better Business Bureau) can help you make informed decisions. You can see an IRS tax attorney in Charlotte, NC to know more about this.


Many people are unaware of what they stand to gain working with a tax attorney. Well, we have shed light on this here and hope that you make informed tax-related decisions going forward.

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