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A Simple Guide to A Notice Of Intended Prosecution

If you exceeded the speed limit or violated other traffic rules, be sure to get the appropriate document. A NIP is an official document issued by the police to a person who has violated traffic laws.

You can get more information about the notice of intended prosecution in the post, which provides a straightforward guide on proceeding in this situation. By current legislation, the driver is notified of participation in traffic accidents. As a rule, a notification is sent for reckless driving, using the phone while driving, speeding, and violations at traffic lights.

Receiving a NIP

The NIP ensures that the driver can protect his rights if the case goes to court. Usually, you should use the professional help of lawyers to avoid unpleasant consequences.

NIP is usually issued by the police immediately after fixing the speeding or other offense of the driver behind the wheel. If the transport was not stopped, but an offense was recorded, a corresponding notification can be sent within two weeks after registering the relevant fact. The notice usually provides the following information:

  • Type of driver's offense. It could be speeding, driving while intoxicated, and having a phone in hand while going.
  • Be sure to indicate the exact time of the offense.
  • The document describes the type of vehicle that took part in the offense.
  • Indicate the location where the traffic accident occurred.

Once the relevant violation has been identified, the police undertake to provide the NIP to the accused person.

How does the police issue a notice of intended prosecution?

In some cases, the police are not in the business of issuing a notice of intended prosecution. This usually happens in these situations:

  • By the current legislation, if a major accident occurs, the driver is not given a document since the fact of the accident is evident on the spot, so the driver will be held responsible.
  • The police do not hand over a document if they cannot identify the person who violated traffic rules. It is also impossible to give notice to drivers who are not the vehicle owner involved in the accident.

Sometimes, the document is not served within two weeks after the incident. In case of speeding, the driver can also immediately pay a fine not to receive a notification. This amount is increased if the speed limit has been significantly exceeded.

The driver is not given a corresponding notice if the transport is registered to another person. The notification can only be sent when the identity of the driver who violated traffic rules has been established. It is also possible to be prosecuted without obtaining a NIP.

Please note that if the driver does not comply with the requirements, he will incur additional responsibility for not listening to official court decisions. Penalty points are also awarded, which is an even more severe punishment for the driver. If another person was driving, it is necessary to name the person driving at the time of the offense.

After responding to the NIP, there are several possible courses of action. If you disagree with the notification, you can protect your rights through the courts. You should contact an experienced lawyer.

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