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A Quick Overview of the Areas Under Family Law

There are countless reasons why you may need a lawyer. More than just giving out legal advice or defending you from criminal cases in court, lawyers can also help you when you want to start a new business, adopt a child, file a divorce, and many more. The law is complicated, so seeking help from them is a good way for you to navigate the legal maze.

Depending on your situation, you will need to find the right type of lawyer to help you. Just like doctors, each lawyer has a specialty in a specific field of their choice. If you have domestic concerns, then it’s best that you approach a family lawyer.

Family lawyers are tasked to manage the legal problems of people of the same family. Of course, there are also areas under this field. There are three main areas under family law, namely: financial, matrimonial, and child law. To help you understand more about these specializations, read on below for a quick overview.

Financial Law

After a couple has decided to separate or divorce, financial issues have to be addressed. For example, one of the most common problems is how to divide their matrimonial assets or property. Indeed, it can be challenging to decide who will get to keep a certain belonging after many years of marriage.

However, it isn’t always as complicated as it sounds. There are cases when former spouses can agree on how to divide their property without involving the court. During such instances, they can formalize whatever agreement they have through an application in the Family Court.

On the other hand, if they cannot come to an agreement, they can apply for a court order instead. Since there is no formula to calculate how much to divide a couple’s property, a judicial officer will have to review all facts regarding the case before deciding what is most equitable for all.

Aside from that, you might also have to make a decision about the division of debts, taxes, and, if applicable, retirement savings. When talking about money, ensure that both of you settle into a fair agreement. Thus, you must educate yourself and seek help from Family Law specialists so you can rightfully receive what you deserve.

Matrimonial Law

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only married people who may want to consult a family lawyer—even those who are still thinking of marriage should also take their time to visit one.  Marriage is both a serious commitment and a complicated legal affair. So, it only makes sense that you learn about family law to become aware of your responsibilities and rights.

Usually, couples with a significant difference in financial assets opt to draft a prenuptial agreement. With the help of a family lawyer, you will be able to decide beforehand how your wealth will be divided during a divorce or someone’s death. Prenup agreements not only protect your wealth but also secures your future throughout the marriage.

Of course, when partners want to end their marriage, they’ll need a family lawyer. Depending on the situation, the ex-spouses can be divorced, annulled, or even separated. When you have children, it’s even more complex as there will be decisions regarding family support, child custody, and visitation rights.

These cases typically take a long time to settle, so you should find yourself a lawyer who can best represent you. Divorces can quickly take an ugly turn and lead to lawsuits, so consulting a family lawyer will ensure that your situation is handled properly.

Child Law

Lastly, family lawyers can also help families decide about concerns regarding children, such as custody, support, and adoption. Naturally, both parents have a legal duty to support their children. However, during a separation, the court will have to decide who will have custody of the child, depending on what’s best for them.

Moreover, either parent can request a modification in child support obligations and visitation rights even after finalizing court orders through a lawyer. If you ever get wrongfully accused of child negligence, a family lawyer can also help you prove yourself innocent in court.

Likewise, they can also assist if you plan to adopt. Adoption is a lengthy process, with months of paperwork to fill to prove that you are fit to take care of a child. With the help of a lawyer, you will be assured that you fill the documents correctly. Furthermore, if you are called to a court hearing, they will ensure that you support your claims so you can earn custody.


Family law protects and upholds the rights of family members no matter what the situation is. So whether you need help in finalizing a divorce, adoption, guardianship, or even thinking of getting married, consult an experienced family lawyer. With their support, you will be protected in any legal process.

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