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7 Best DWI Defense Attorney Secrets (How Lawyers Win)

Ever wondered what makes a defense attorney the best in the business? It’s having a few tricks up their sleeve, of course! We wanted to spill the beans, share some tricks, and make the life of a Mankato DWI defense attorney less mysterious for everyone.

Let’s just jump straight in. The 7 best DWI defense attorney secrets are too juicy to keep to ourselves…

The 7 Best Kept Secrets of DWI Defense Attorneys

So, what are these secret treasures? Read on to find out…

1 – They are the Best way to Lessen a Fine

A good DWI attorney is the difference between a potentially huge fine, criminal record, and all sorts of other nasty bits – and a little legal protection on your behalf. Whether you were due to go to jail or due to pay a hefty fine – an attorney will lessen the blow[i].

2 – They Use Each Other

Sometimes, even the lawyers need representation. A good DWI defense attorney knows not to represent themselves. No matter how well they know the law, handling their own case is a no-no. DWI Defense Attorneys use each other when they get a DWI… and you should too!

3 – They are Criminal Defense Experts

Your DWI or DUI lawyer is likely to be a criminal defense expert. This means they have worked in other areas of criminal law before settling on DWIs as their chosen client base[ii]. Some other areas of criminal defense law include:

  • Assaults or crimes of a violent nature
  • Burglary and theft attorneys
  • Traffic violations
  • Underage/juvenile crime

Among many other things.

4 – They are Masters of Research

Researching and investigating what actually occurred – or getting to the bottom of the matter – is what lawyers are trained for. A good DWI defense attorney will be the same. They will research and document everything they can about the incident to help get you the best possible deal.

5 – They are even Detectives

To a certain extent, your attorney might even play detective on your behalf. If you are sure you didn’t do something and think you can prove it – even though you are now going to court – your defense attorney will help get you off the hook. They will interrogate witnesses and examine facts on your behalf.

6 – If your actions were defensible – they’ll defend you!

Say you don’t think you deserved the DWI… maybe there were extenuating circumstances like a threat to your life. Maybe you needed hospital treatment while drunk and had no other choice but to drive… whatever the reason you think your actions were defensible, you should contact your DWI attorney to defend you.

7 – They win Appeals

A good defense attorney will help you to appeal a decision that goes against you. Since they do this job every day and it is likely to be a first for you – you ought to let them guide you through the process. An appeal is more likely to be successful if the person filing it knows what they are doing.

So, keep these tips in mind and you should be able to find the best DWI defense attorney for your situation. If not, the penalty could be jail time. Don’t let it happen to you.



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