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5 Tips for First Time DUI Offenders

The sad reality is that a large number of drunk drivers are repeat offenders. Call it whatever name you want, driving under the influence is a crime in the United States of America and in most parts of the world today.

The penalties for drunk driving are high, although this law differs from state to state.  Worst off, if you are involved in an accident that injured or took the life of another person you could be looking at serious jail time and heavy fines. However, the most widely accepted limit of a DUI is having a limit of 0.08% reading for BAC (blood alcohol content).

This limit is almost the equivalent of drinking 3-5 bottles an hour but be advised that your BAC reading keeps raising hours after you have stopped drinking. One thing you should keep at the back of your mind is that alcohol affects different people in different ways. Our bodies were not made the same way and have a different resistant level for alcohol.

Some DUI laws even take things further by prohibiting open containers of alcohol within a motor vehicle. That’s irrespective of who is drinking it (the driver or not).

Here are some useful tips for first time DUI offenders:

  1. Get yourself a DUI lawyer

The first and most obvious step to take is to get yourself a DUI attorney to represent your case in the court of law. Lawyers have a very deep understanding of DUI laws and are the best professionals to consult in cases like this. However, if you qualify as a low-income defendant you might be assigned a defense attorney to plead your case.

  1. Show up in court

If you are really sorry for your offense and hope to put this behind you, be sure to show up in court.  If you refuse to show up in court, there is an increased probability that your driving incense will be revoked and you will be fined. If things go well in court, you can indeed get your DUI charge dismissed. Things like improper calibration of the DUI instrument, or unlawful pulling you over by the officer in charge can work in your favor.

  1. Commit to your DUI sentencing

All is not lost. Whatever the penalties that are handed to you, ensure you commit to completing your DUI sentence. Penalties could include license revocation, fines, restrictions etc. As a first time DUI offender there is a big chance that the penalties could be suspended in favor of a probation period as long as no one got hurt in the process of your drunk driving. Your lawyer can make a plea bargain with the prosecutor to have your sentence lifted in favor of probation.

  1. Shop for an Insurance replacement

If you have been convicted of a DUI offense there is a high chance that your insurance company will terminate your cover and policy. In this case it's wise that you begin to shop for another insurance cover as a possible replacement when the inevitable happens. You might need to file in an SS-22 insurance form to show that you have the right amount of insurance required by law.

  1. Eligibility of license

After you must have served your sentence you are now in a position to drive again. Howbeit, with a temporary license. A temporary license will ensure you can drive again but with a few restrictions. After some time you will be made to pay a reissuing fee for a permanent driving license.


Things can get completed if you try to deal with a DUI charge for the first time. It’s highly recommended that you seek the services of professionals who are skilled and trained in this area to help you avoid misrepresenting yourself in the court of law.  As long as you are a repentant first-time offender, expunging your DUI charge is an option so that it doesn’t show up when employers and credit institutions do a background check. Consult with a DUI attorney today, visit our website for more advise and directions on the best step to take.

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