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5 Tips For Beginners When Posting A Bail in Riverside County

When a person is arrested for a particular crime, they will temporarily stay behind bars until the date of trial, which is set by the court. But the good thing is, one can post a bail to momentarily be released from jail to give the defendant ample time to prepare his or her legal team. Article contributed by Greg Ramos.

Bail is what you pay to a court as a promise that you show throughout all trials. It acts like an insurance policy between you (the defendant), and the court. Bail can be paid by your friends, family, or by someone else, and most often it is of huge monetary value. Whether you are too poor or too rich to bail, anyone accused has the right to post bail, as decided after a bail hearing.

To make sure you do the best out of your current situation, here are 5 Tips for Beginners When Posting A Bail in Riverside County.


Even at the moment, you are arrested, an officer must read aloud your rights. When posting your bail, you also need to know how it goes.

You are given the chance of posting bail after the arrest and the booking process is done. A bail hearing then happens as the judge decides whether the accused can be released from custody before a trial even starts, and this depends on a case’s severity. A judge may likely not require a bail if the accused is unlikely to flee. If required, you then can opt to post bail and pay the court to what it asks.


When preparing your legal team or getting a bail bond from Remedy Bail Bonds Riverside, you also need to become aware of upcoming holidays and the working hours of such offices and establishments.

It is likely for you to struggle to have a meeting with your lawyer or probably with friends and family who would want to help you when there are holidays coming around the weekend, or perhaps if you are someone who wakes up past 6 o’clock in the evening. Be mindful of the dates, the time, and even the people you’d contact so that your ends can meet.


Posting bail can cost you a huge sum of money. Whether there will be someone else to pay for you or you’ll be doing it on your own, planning your payments and adjusting your finances as soon as possible will help you most along the way.

If you are struggling with cash to pay for your bonds, allow Remedy Bail Bonds Riverside to do the job for you!


According to U.S. LEGAL, a signature bond or recognizance bond requires the accused or the defendant to sign a promise that he or she will return to court for trial, with the chance of monetary judgment against him or her if he or she fails to do so. This does not require him or her a deposit of any cash or even property with the court, This type of bond is often granted to those defendants who have no prior criminal history of minor felony cases, and those who do not have risks of flight or danger to the community. Ask your lawyer to help you sign one.


Most accused defendants do not have the financial means to pay for a huge amount of bail in cash. This is where bail bond establishments like Remedy Bail Bonds Riverside come to the rescue and help you set up a bail bond. What happens is that the accused or defendant seeks a service of a bail bond agency to pay his or her bail in exchange for a service fee and collateral. In return, the person needing the bail bond must secure the loan with a type of collateral and he or she must pay the bail bond agency a non-refundable service fee equal to around 10% of the total bail amount.

There are things you can learn more when you contact Remedy Bail Bonds Riverside - the leading bail bond agency in Riverside County, Not only they can provide you a bail bond within the span of 24 hours, their expertise can help you do most out of your situation.

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