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5 States With Weak Gun Control Laws

Each state has its fair share of gun control laws. Some states are more lenient than others and some are more strict. Many proponents of gun control will be quick to say that lenient gun control laws lead to more gun deaths, but proponents of the second amendment will argue that it means there needs to be less gun control laws. When it comes down to it, we may never know what side is winning, but it is interesting to talk about the states that are stripping away all these gun control laws. Here are five states with weak gun control laws.

  1. One of the loosest gun controlled states is Wisconsin. The reason for this is because you do not need a state permit to purchase and own a shotgun, handgun, or rifle. Many people may be surprised by this, but it is true - you can walk right into a gun store and purchase a weapon without a permit. Surprisingly, though, Wisconsin has had relatively low mass shootings and murders with a gun as a weapon. This says a lot about upholding the second amendment and gun rights.
  2. Idaho also takes the second amendment very seriously. Not only are there loose laws on the concealed carry laws, but there are also looser laws on gun ownership. The state law clearly says that you are legally and constitutionally mandated to be allowed to own and operate a weapon. Not only that, but there is another law that says shooting ranges cannot be sued for noise ordinances. So, you may want to head to and find a gun range near you – if you live in Idaho -because you cannot not only shoot to your heart’s content, but you can also shoot high powered rifles.
  3. In Kentucky, you are legally allowed to own and operate a machine gun. Many states do not allow the operation and ownership of machine guns. As long as the machine gun is registered, you are legally allowed to carry a machine gun and have one in your home. If you were to conceal a machine gun anywhere else, you will get a very large fine, seizure of your weapons, revocation of permits and perhaps even jail time. The reason for this is because many machine guns have been used in mass shootings.
  4. If you live in Louisiana, you are perfectly allowed to visit another state, purchase and rifle and bring it back to your state. When it comes to gun ownership, Louisiana also takes the second amendment very seriously and allows citizens the right to bear arms. While the state may abridge laws about concealed weapons, in Louisiana, you are basically allowed to own any type of gun you want – provided that you have a permit for the more high powered weapons.
  5. If you live in Montana and you are above the age of 14, you are allowed to carry a weapon -provided that you have a note from your parents. Not only that, but there are stringent laws upholding the second amendment.

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