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5 Reasons a Solid Case Management System Can Make or Break Your Firm

In the last few years, legal management software has progressed from high-priced luxury to core necessity. Now, the benefits that only the big firms once enjoyed are available to everyone.

Whereas the typewriter was once at the center of a legal enterprise, a case management system is the core of a modern law office. Just like your grandfather’s law office could not function without a typewriter, your office will always be second rate until it realizes the advantages available from legal management software.

Keep Up with the Competition

A war of attrition with a rival firm in a big case is not time to be behind the eight ball, especially given the increased presence of e-discovery and other such innovations. Good software not only helps you more easily comply with court orders, but also makes your litigators more organized and prepared when they go to court.

That same efficiency applies in the work that goes on at the office. Traditional discovery is much easier to perform and staff can increase their billable hours. Moreover, it is much more difficult, or even impossible, for large firms or insurance companies to successfully perform crippling document dumps, thus depriving your main competition of a primary weapon in its arsenal.

Better Efficiency

Software means organization. Instead of pouring through documents searching for an address or phone number, all it takes is one click. Then, your lawyers can spend time on what matters, which is preparing for trials and hearings. Most of these programs also organize legal forms, deposition transcripts, and even previously-filed motions all in one place, so it is easier to turn out high-quality documents and motions that get results.

Attractive to Employees

Competition does not only exist in the courtroom. The most talented employees in any field naturally gravitate to the places that give them the tools they need to succeed, so a second-class software system may mean second class employees. Of course, a lawyer does not have to be at the top of the profession to be a valuable team member. Legal software helps these diamonds in the rough become more skillful attorneys that enhance the organization's profitability even further.

Data Security

Attorneys have a legal and ethical obligation to protect client information, and in most cases, they cannot pass the buck to vendors. Ultimately, if there is a data breach, the lawyers are the ones to pay the price. Password-protected and encrypted information is much more secure than paper files stored in an office. Paper is extremely vulnerable not only to theft and loss, but also accidental destruction.


Do you want to have the reputation as a sought-after environment for employees and a place that zealously stands up for its clients? A software management system is the best way to reach this goal. Often, the alternative is a label as a second-tier firm where clients go if they cannot afford better representation and where employees work until they can get better jobs elsewhere, and that’s simply no way to run a business.

Start building your positive reputation today by partnering with a solid legal software provider.

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