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4 Steps to Take if You Are Facing a Felony Charge

A felony charge carries potential imprisonment that ranges from a minimum of one year in prison to a life sentence without parole. Needless to say, if you are facing a felony charge it's a very serious matter. 

Therefore, it's crucial that you take the right steps to avoid maximum punishment and obtain the best possible outcome. Keep reading for 4 important steps to take if you find yourself facing a criminal charge. 

  1. Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

You know how the drill goes from the countless TV shows — "You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say will be used against you in court."

This is not some Hollywood gimmick, it's an important step to take in any list of felony charges. Remain silent! Even if you're innocent, you should avoid incriminating yourself by exercising your fifth amendment right. 

  1. Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately 

You will need to hire a good attorney in order to avoid prison time when facing a felony charge. This is vital, even with first time felony charges. 

As soon as you're arrested, find an experienced criminal defense attorney. You need a fierce and knowledgeable advocate on your side to counsel you throughout the whole process. 

Don't consider plea bargains or interact with law enforcement without a lawyer, as this can seriously hurt your case. 

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  1. Understand the Felony Charge

What is a felony charge and how does it differ from a misdemeanor? Most people don't know the difference. It's important that you fully understand the severity of the alleged crime. 

A misdemeanor is less severe than a felony, punished by time in county jail, a fine, or both. 

What are felony charges then? These are crimes that are viewed severely by society and are punished according to the severity of the crime. Speak to your lawyer to understand the charges you're facing and what punishment to expect. 

  1. Don't Speak About Your Case

The only people you should discuss your case with are your defense team as the attorney-client privilege is protected by the law. Avoid talking to family and friends as everything you say is not confidential and can hurt your case. 

Anyone you speak to may be issued a subpoena to give a witness testimony. If this happens, they will be bound by the law to tell the truth in court, which could incriminate them further. 

Your spouse is the only exception to this rule — they can refuse to testify against you.  However, you should still avoid discussing anything with them lest they discuss the case with someone else.

Fight Your Felony Charge With These Steps

Facing a felony charge is scary and potentially life-altering. However, if you take the right steps after your arrest you will have the best chance of reduced punishment. Always contact a lawyer as soon as possible. 

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