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4 of the Most Frequent Personal Injury Claim Lawsuits

There are all kinds of attorneys. Once you pass the bar, the next step is to figure out your priorities. You might decide to become a corporate lawyer if you want to make money, or you might become an environmental lawyer if you care about the planet’s future.

As you try to plot your career path, you might decide personal injury law makes the most sense for you. You can make some good money that way, but another thing that might attract you is that people are constantly bringing personal injury lawsuits. They bring them against other people and business entities every day.

If you become a personal injury attorney, you might take many different personal injury cases, or you might specialize in particular situations. Let’s go over four of the more common lawsuits of this nature that people file.

Car Accident Lawsuits

A person might get in a car accident, and they know it was the other driver’s fault. Maybe they sustain a serious injury, like a traumatic brain injury or some broken bones. They will need to figure out how much their medical bills are, and they’ll also need to look at things like lost wages, physical therapy bills, pain and suffering, etc.

These individuals need to think about the limitation statute. In some states, they might have just two years to bring a lawsuit against another driver. If they discover an injury later, they have one year from that day to file a suit.  

As a car accident lawyer, you will probably have people coming in your door continually if you have a strong reputation. You also might feel good about yourself if you get someone money when a reckless driver hurt them.

Product Liability Lawsuits

Malfunctioning products might annoy someone, or they might harm them. If a corporation put out a product, and it hurt a customer severely, that person has a right to seek recompense. You can help them do that if you can produce enough evidence.

Product liability lawyers sometimes need to go up against large companies. They might have ruthless, well-paid attorneys on their side. You may enjoy this job because it’s challenging, but again, you’re helping people.

You might allow them to walk away with a huge settlement. You will see part of that money, which isn’t a bad perk, but you’ll also achieve notoriety. The more prominent lawsuits you win, the more business you should get.

Premises Liability Lawsuits

Many people also file lawsuits if they hurt themselves on someone else’s property. They might fall when walking through a store, or maybe when they’re visiting someone’s home.

If you specialize in these lawsuits, you might find yourself going after a corporation or a private citizen. Much like the other suits on this list, you have the best chance if you can compile as much physical evidence as possible.

If you have a video of the incident, you might use that. You also could locate witnesses and have them give an account of what took place.

The more evidence you produce, the more likely you can get money for your client. They can receive the cash to pay for their medical bills and other expenses, and the defendant will learn to be more careful next time. They will no longer allow unsafe conditions on their property.

Animal Attack Lawsuits

You might decide to specialize in animal attack lawsuits. Dog bites are the most common ones, but sometimes you might get a vicious cat attack or something more exotic. You occasionally hear about people keeping tigers or alligators as pets, and those can easily maul someone.

If an animal gets loose and bites or scratches someone who is innocently walking by, they should be able to receive money from the owner. The owner failed to secure the animal, and the court system needs to teach them a lesson for that.

The attacked individual probably needs money for medical bills, but they might have invisible scars as well. They might have PTSD if a vicious dog or some other animal bit them. They may feel scared to even leave the house after what happened.

As a lawyer, there are other personal injury lawsuits for which you can represent people. As long as you know you helped someone get the money they deserved, you should feel good about yourself.

You’re helping right a wrong that has occurred, and most lawyers like the notion of balancing the cosmic scales.   

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