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Legal News 08/2011 (Page 28)

Florida Bar levies punishment on Trinity attorney for employee's actions
By Molly Moorhead, Times Staff Writer Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Trinity attorney Chuck Kalogianis must attend ethics school and face a public reprimand from the Florida Bar after it found he did not keep in touch with clients who had retained his firm and employed a legal assistant who did the tasks of a licensed attorney. In addition, the Bar directed Kalogianis to change the name of his ...

Attorney hopes new Jefferson video sheds new light on LSU fight
An attorney for suspended LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson says a new video from the night of the LSU fight should raise new questions about whether Jefferson was involved. The video was taken inside

Attorney general of Syria's Hama defects, makes video
The attorney-general of the Syrian city of Hama has resigned in protest at the crackdown.

Attorney convicted in bribery case
Alfred Nash Villalobos is found guilty of taking $50,000 to have his client lie before a grand jury investigating immigration visa fraud. The lawyer son of a former top California pension fund official was convicted on charges related to a scheme to have a client lie to a federal grand jury in exchange for cash.

Attorney General Suthers takes stand in Fort Collins courtroom for false reporting case
Attorney General John Suthers is testifying on the stand in a Fort Collins courtroom today in the case of a man accused of falsely reporting that Suthers assaulted him in Loveland.

Attorney for teen accused of killing St. Petersburg officer wants confession tossed
By Curtis Krueger, Times Staff Writer Wednesday, August 31, 2011 LARGO — Nicholas Lindsey's confession that he shot and killed St. Petersburg police Officer David S. Crawford should be thrown out, defense attorney Dyril Flanagan said Wednesday. Flanagan said at a pretrial hearing that he has filed a motion to suppress the 16-year-old's confession to St. Petersburg police. Police say Crawford ...

Gribkowsky Lawyer Calls Munich Charges in Formula One Case ‘Far-Fetched’
A lawyer for former Bayerische Landesbank risk manager Gerhard Gribkowsky said it was “far- fetched” for prosecutors to charge his client over the sale of the lender’s stake in Formula One racing to CVC Capital Partners Ltd.

Attorney General Pushes to Regulate Dangerous Webpage
It's a website linked to prostitution, sex trafficking and murder. Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper says he's going after the people behind it.

Attorney For SF Sexual Assault Suspect Says Video Exonerates Client
The attorney for a man accused of sexually assaulting three women at his apartment in San Francisco said in court today that a video of one of the encounters appears to exonerate him of some of the charges in the case.

Lawyer says tape proves rough sex was consensual
A lawyer accused of assaulting three women says the sex was rough, but consensual and he has the tapes to prove it.

Lawyer pleas for WA top cop's son
A lawyer for the WA police commissioner's son, who is facing sentencing over a drug lab explosion, has asked the judge not to send him to jail.

Flamboyant lawyer, facing a possible life sentence, asks to represent himself
He has represented celebrities such as Queen Latifah and Lil' Kim. Other clients have included rap stars, gangsters, and a former soldier accused in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.

Lawyer attacks blood evidence in 2010 Hudson fatal wreck
The lawyer for a Hudson man charged in a January 2010 fatal wreck argued yesterday in Middlesex Superior Court that hospital emergency room personnel had no right to draw blood that showed his client was drunk.

Attorney's new woes surface - in St. Paul courtroom
Attorney Steven Lundeen was standing in front of a judge during his client's sentencing hearing Wednesday morning in Ramsey County District Court when the judge's clerk handed her a cellphone.

Notes: Lawyer expects more arrests in LSU fight
Lawyer for alleged victims expects more arrests in LSU players' case The lawyer for four men injured in a brawl involving LSU football players expects more arrests for the beating of one client who suffered three fractured vertebrae.

Lawyer pleas for WA cop's son
A lawyer representing the WA police commissioner's son has asked the judge not to send his client to prison.