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Legal News 07/2010 (Page 68)

Maine attorney general probes inmate death
Investigators are looking into a Maine State Prison inmate death that was originally reported to have been caused by a medical problem. Attorney general - United States - Prison - State - Mexico

Attorney wants plea bargain for accused killer
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - An attorney says he plans to approach prosecutors about a plea bargain for a man whose 2006 murder conviction in Jackson was recently overturned.

Gurnee lawyer pleads innocent to drug charge
Even though her attorney is charged with a felony drug possession, "T-shirt girl" Jennifer LaPenta said Thursday she trusted her lawyer and would not hire anyone else to represent her.

Attorney Says Tonya Craft Lawsuit Still Not Specific Enough
An attorney for two of the defendants sued by Tonya Craft in Federal Court says her amended $25 million lawsuit still is not specific enough. Cristina Correia, assistant Georgia state attorney general, said the amended complaint fails to comply with the instructions of Judge Harold Murphy.

Attorney Wants Plea Bargain For Accused Killer
An attorney says he plans to approach prosecutors about a plea bargain for a man whose 2006 murder conviction in Jackson was recently overturned.

Sparks: Fires spook neighbors; city attorney acts
Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams is unleashing the force of his office to secure a Sparks neighborhood where an empty house burned three times in seven months, all blazes the result of suspected vagrants.

GOP Florida attorney general candidates vie for votes in TV forum
In their first joint TV appearance Saturday, all three Republican candidates for attorney general matched wits and contrasted their qualifications to be the state's next chief legal officer.

Republican Attorney General candidates to face off on Bay News 9
The top Republican candidates for Florida's Attorney General sat down with Bay News 9 and Orlando's News 13 to discuss the issues on the minds of many voters.

Shooting By Polk Deputy in Drug Sting Justified, State Attorney Rules
The State Attorney's Office has concluded a deputy was justified in using deadly force when he shot at a suspect during an undercover drug sting in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart on State Road 60 in Bartow.

Virginia notes
Lawyer-turned-author John Grisham, a part-time resident of Albemarle County, grew rich and renowned as the author of legal thrillers. Not content to be pigeonholed, he branched out with straight fiction and a true-crime book. He diversifies again with Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (263 pages, Dutton, $16.99), the first in a ...

Real 9/11 con
Lawyer Loan Fees Gouge 9/11 Crews (July 25) wrongly makes it look like the 9/11 workers were the victims of the lawyers. It is the taxpayers who are the victims of the lawyers and the plaintiffs, who are making thousands of dollars despite the workers not having one...

Three candidates, three solid resumes, one south metro judicial seat
A trial lawyer, a public prosecutor and a judge who spent half of the past year suspended from the bench are all vying for the same judicial seat in the south metro.

Jury convicts attorney of mortgage fraud
STATESBORO, GA - After a three-day trial, a jury in federal district court returned a guilty verdict yesterday against Emanuel County, Georgia attorney John R. Thompson on mortgage fraud charges. The case was tried before District Court Judge B. Avant Edenfield at the U.S. Courthouse in Statesboro, Georgia.

Accident victims stoic attitude at issue in grievance case against lawyer
A Manchester woman who survived a horrendous car accident and went through extensive psychological counseling afterward but who says she was re-traumatized by a lawyers questioning during a civil lawsuit testified Tuesday that she was on the verge of tears near the end of that questioning.

Suspended lawyer allegedly duped Idaho clients
A Washington state-based attorney is accused of working withclients in Idaho despite being suspended from practicing law bymultiple state and federal courts.

Attorney general shuts down bogus domestic violence resource
The Missouri attorney general's office is requiring a Fulton-based company publicizing itself as a resource center for victims of domestic violence to immediately shut down its website and stop asking for donations.

Attorney general plans meeting to discuss Lake of Ozarks
The Missouri attorney general's office plans a two-day meeting to discuss water quality issues at the Lake of the Ozarks. Attorney General Chris Koster says next month's meeting will look at scientific, technical and regulatory challenges at the sprawling mid-Missouri recreation area.

Duo battle for Cole County prosecuting attorney
Kurt Valentine is a private attorney who previously served as an assistant Cole County prosecutor and as a Missouri assistant attorney general.