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Legal News 09/2009 (Page 12)

McGowan resigns as City Attorney (Fernley Leader)
FERNELY--With little discussion, the Fernley City Council voted 4-0 in favor of approving a settlement agreement between Fernley and Jeff McGown, under which McGown resigned on Sept. 25 as city attorney.

Lawyer In Search Case Wants $1M (ClickOnDetroit)
A lawyer is asking a jury to award $1 million or more to a man who claims a Detroit police officer stuck a finger in his anus during a drug bust.

Memo to Renardo Sidney's lawyer: Congress is pretty busy (Yahoo! Canada Sports)
We all knew Mississippi State recruit Renardo Sidney -- currently under investigation with a "not certified" status from the NCAA for issues related to his lodgings during a recruiting sojourn to Los Angeles in recent years -- had a bit of a bombastic lawyer. When the NCAA asked for tax documents from Sidney's family, including his grandparents, in order to prove the income that would allow them ...