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Legal News 07/2007 (Page 26)

Local attorney given UN commission (Hope Star)
Former Hempstead County jurist and practicing attorney Keith Wood, of Blevins, left Arkansas on Monday to report to duty with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.

Voting precinct reduction OK, says county attorney (The Herald-Coaster)
A pared down version of a sweeping plan to reduce the number of Fort Bend County voting precincts was found to be legal in an opinion issued Tuesday morning by the County Attorney's Office.

Attorney General Gonzales sidesteps controversy (Miami Herald)
Alberto Gonzales, the embattled U.S. attorney general facing possible perjury charges, traded in the hot water created by his congressional testimony for a much warmer reception Monday morning in Fort Lauderdale.

State's attorney is seeking your guidance for his office (The Harrisburg Daily Register)
To the Editor: Two-thirds of my term as Saline County state's attorney has already passed. My term ends in 16 months, on Nov. 30, 2008.

Hennepin County Attorney won't bring charges in death of U of M student (Pioneer Press)
The Hennepin County Attorney's office said today that it won't bring charges in the death of Chris Jenkins.

Episcopal lawyer slams Armstrong at hearing (Rocky Mountain News)
The Rev. Don Armstrong used his pulpit to "throw out a smokescreen to conceal his grave offenses and crimes," a lawyer for the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado told an ecclesiastical court today.

Lawyer for N.Y. woman suspected of killing, mutilating her father says she was abused (CourtTV via Yahoo! News)
NEW YORK (Court TV) - While New York police continued to investigate the bizarre death of a man who was found strangled and mutilated in his daughter's home Saturday, the woman's lawyer accused the victim of being a "monster" who sexually abused his daughters throughout their childhood.