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Digital Dirt is Helping Lawyers Win In Court

Many people share way too much on social media. How many times have you seen your friends or relatives going on about something private in their life on the newsfeed? Even criminals and civil litigants tend to ruminate about their problems online. Did you know that many times people get on Facebook or Twitter to rant before their big day in court? Unfortunately, this 140-character... [Continue Reading]

Personal Injury While Jaywalking. Who's responsible?

If you’re operating a motor vehicle and hit a pedestrian while they’re jaywalking, it’s possible you’ll be liable for their bodily harm, even though they were illegally jaywalking. The pedestrian’s bodily injury claim may require you to pay for their medical bills now and in the future; their pain and suffering; their psychological anguish; and any wages... [Continue Reading]

Do You Know What to do if You are in an Accident With a Semi Truck?

Despite the frequency and severity of these crashes, many people do not know what do do in these cases. And that’s usually okay, as long as they know enough to get the best professional help in a semi-truck accident. The main reason these vehicles are involved in so many accidents is their sheer size. A fully-loaded large truck weighs over 40 tons. Furthermore, lobbying groups routinely... [Continue Reading]

Encourage an Elderly Parent to Save Their Estate with Careful Planning

Making a plan for an estate is important to safeguard one’s assets and also these must be appropriately distributed. For most of the children, determining the needs of a disabled person appears to be a stressful task. As such, making a will becomes important while your parent is able to express their wishes. The procedure to encourage someone to start planning of their will might not be... [Continue Reading]

Freak Accidents - Are You Covered by Your Insurance Policy?

Freak accidents are a complex legal area since they aren’t standard. If it occurs at work, is it workers’ compensation, personal injury or something else? If there is a freak accident at your home, is it covered by homeowner’s insurance, liability insurance or something else? If a freak accident ends with a casualty, your life insurance may pay out, but so might other types of... [Continue Reading]

5 Sobering Facts about Drunk Driving

It’s really convenient driving yourself out if you’re too far from a place or if you know that there won’t be much of a choice to travel out because you’re unsure what time a party will end. Saturday couldn’t be more rewarding after burning yourself out in work and together with a bottle of beer or two, you can at least have fun for a while. However, the bottom line... [Continue Reading]

Accidents Happen: 3 Important Steps To Take When Dealing with a Personal Injury

In every auto accident, there are always preliminary things that almost everyone knows to do: exchange names and insurance info with all parties involved, get a police report, and notify their insurance company. But when it comes to personal injuries, the critical steps aren’t so commonly known. See your doctor right away If your injuries don’t require an ambulance ride or immediate... [Continue Reading]

What are the Average Legal Costs for Buying a Small Business?

For many entrepreneurs, starting a new business can be both their life-long dream and an intense nightmare. The difficulties with formulating a sound business plan that coincides with their passions, handling all the legal paperwork, and dealing with funding and other logistical hurdles, can often discourage many from following their dreams. Because of this, some entrepreneurs who are in the... [Continue Reading]

Laws for Foreign Nationals Seeking US Employment

Foreign nationals, who are willing to work in the United States, can do so through several different ways. The law of the United States grants various opportunities for foreign nationals to find employment within the country. It can always be a rewarding experience to find work and live in a foreign country, and the least a foreign national can do is to ensure that they are abiding by the law.... [Continue Reading]

Characteristics of Successful Family Law Practitioners

A look at family law practitioners across the United States, and you would be able to tell that while some family law practitioners are making a name for their brands and are building their careers, others have not been that successful in attracting desirable clients. The question that arises after witnessing this stark difference in law practitioners is regarding what some prospering family law... [Continue Reading]