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What is Automatic License Revocation or Suspension?

In Arizona, you must deal with two separate court systems if you are charged with a DUI – the criminal court system and the administrative court system. At Phoenix DUI Law, we have gathered together the most reliable team of lawyers in Phoenix to make sure your rights are fully preserved in both systems. What does the criminal court system do? The criminal court system will determine... [Continue Reading]

Medical Malpractice and Wisdom Teeth Extraction – 5 Signs You Have Been a Victim

Probably one of the most-dreadful days in a person's life is the notorious, "Wisdom teeth extraction day." Everyone I have encountered who discusses their medical history always remembers the dreadful day they got their wisdom teeth pulled. Post extraction days will most likely be the worst couple days of pain the average person ever has to experience, and for that reason, people are always... [Continue Reading]

Most Common Injuries Suffered at Walt Disney World

Amusement and theme parks are popular among kids and parents because of the promise of fun and the thrill of riding the many fun rides. The Walt Disney World is one such amazing park where people for to have fun. Usually, it is safe, and not many accidents happen there. However, there is always the occasional incident that the company usually tries to resolve outside the courts by paying off... [Continue Reading]

Common Car Accidents and Who is Likely at Fault

Car accidents can and do happen. The important thing is that everybody gets to go home at the end. No one likes being in an accident, but a bruise or even a laceration is always better than death. And to get proper treatment that will keep a seemingly minor injury from turning into something worse, you need have access to funds that will take care of your medical and hospital bills. This is... [Continue Reading]

Auto Injury Tips: 9 Things Not to Do After a Car Accident

Car Accidents happen pretty frequently in the US. In fact, there are an estimated 6 million car accidents every year. Many of these only result in property damage and injuries, while a significant number results in fatalities. Data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2013 shows that there were 33,561 car accident fatalities in 2012. However, seeing as... [Continue Reading]

10 Incredible Medical Malpractice Statistics

Don’t believe that you’ll always receive the best care and doctors will enforce best practices. Whether the doctor is incompetent, negligent, or makes a simple mistake with patient records, medical malpractices occur every day in America.  Some of the statistics are actually hard to believe. The Top 10 Malpractice Stats Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnose – Most... [Continue Reading]

5 of the Biggest Medical Malpractice Lawsuits of the Past Decade

We want to trust them with our lives because let’s face it, sometimes we’re in dire need of medical help. Although the best recipe for a healthy life is avoiding doctors and physicians in multiple disciplines, sometimes we need attention. The following malpractice lawsuits and mishaps go down as some of the craziest and most controversial in the last decade. The Big Five Dude... [Continue Reading]

How to Spend Smart

Presented by SpendSmart [Continue Reading]

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Got A Legal Issue? Call A Lawyer For Free This Weekend
“This is just a great opportunity to spend a few minutes with a lawyer if you just have a legal question or just want to get some advice or where to turn to,” Brenda Ott, director of the lawyer referral, tells WBBM Newsradio. “It can be everything from ...

Lawyer Won't Have to Pay Up After Issuing $1 Million Challenge on TV
Here are some things, according to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, that one can say on television without getting into trouble: "I challenge anybody to show me — I'll pay them a million dollars if they can do it."; "I'll eat my hat if … "; "I ...

Judge Complains About Lawyer's 'Repugnant Stench'
Something Stinks This is a new one. Judge Patricia A. Riley of the Indiana Court of Appeals delivered an embarrassing benchslap: she objects to the lawyer's “repugnant stench.” Or more accurately, the repugnant stench that the lawyer left on the ...

Bobby Shmurda's lawyer calls his criminal charges 'bulls---'
A lawyer for rapper Bobby Shmurda called a massive conspiracy indictment against the star and his posse “a bunch of bulls---” before the artist's first court appearance in the case Thursday. “I'm not going to let them crucify my guys. The police ...

Lawyer for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to seek trial ...
Lawyer for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to seek trial ...

Oklahoma prisons lawyer says he felt pressured as execution dates neared 'to ...
Oklahoma prisons lawyer says he felt pressured as execution dates neared 'to ...

Oklahoma Prisons Lawyer Says He Felt Pressured
A longtime lawyer for Oklahoma's prison system said Thursday that he felt pressured by the governor's and attorney general's offices to make sure executions last spring happened on schedule, even though the state didn't have the drugs yet to carry them ...

Lawyer says state violates gun owners' rights
HARTFORD -- A Torrington lawyer claims that Connecticut police, prosecutors and judges are violating the rights of lawful guns owners by ignoring the exact rules on the seizure of weapons. Rachel Baird, who told state justice officials this morning ...

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