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Reasons To Hire a Family Lawyer in the Ottawa Area

One of the hardest things a person will have to do in their life is to keep a marriage going. In some cases, the people in a marriage will not be able to keep it together and will have to file for a divorce. A divorce can be very hard on all of the people involved in it. If there are children involved, the divorce proceedings can take a turn for the worst in a hurry. The best way to combat... [Continue Reading]

What to Look (out) for in a Nursing Home or Hospice Center

  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are currently about 16,000 nursing homes housing about 1.5 million senior citizens across the country. While the idea of putting a family member in a hospice center or nursing home is an unpleasant one, if a loved one of any age needs attentive, on-going medical care in excess of what you can personally provide, it may... [Continue Reading]

3 Tips on Criminal Record Suspension

Making mistakes is just part of life, but in some cases, these mistakes can cost a person their freedom and their ability to do certain things. Having a criminal record can hold you back and make it nearly impossible to do things like get a good job or even travel. In Canada, they have what is called a criminal record suspension. This process will allow you to get the dings on your record... [Continue Reading]

Finding an affordable car accident lawyer

Have you been the victim of a car accident?  Did you suffer injuries as a result of the accident?  The truth is, car accidents can often lead to serious injuries, the kind of injuries that can dramatically impact virtually every aspect of a person’s life.  Often, these accidents are the result of careless or distracted driving, or driving while under the influence of drugs... [Continue Reading]

Things Most People Don’t Know About Liability (That You Should)

To be liable for something from a legal viewpoint means that you bear a responsibility for something under the law. To be more precise, you share in a liability that may translate into ramifications against your possessions or person. While everyone may or may not have a general idea of what this means, very few have a keen understanding of how much liability they personally have in a given... [Continue Reading]

How Do Other Countries Stack Up When It Comes To Paying Overtime Wages?

Putting in overtime hours can be bittersweet for most people. You are spending more time at your job instead of spending time doing what you want. However, for your extra time and effort, you are compensated at a higher than normal rate. It is a pretty fair trade off. We are all aware that citizens in the United States of America benefit from overtime pay. What about other countries though?... [Continue Reading]

How To Find A Solicitor For Personal Injury Claims

If you have been unfortunately subjected to personal injury due to someone’s negligence, you have every right to seek legal compensation. The injury might force you to encounter expensive medical treatments and could also hamper your job aspects- hence it’s smarter to consult a personal injury solicitor here who will guide you in obtaining the right level of legal compensation. The... [Continue Reading]

Beware Direct Deposit: Why You Should Always Check Your Pay Stubs

Switching to direct deposit for your paycheck often leads to a lack of interest when your employer hands you your pay stub. You don’t need to cash it so you really have no reason to check it. However, this apathy can lead to you being underpaid, whether accidentally or on purpose. Once you switch to direct deposit, it is still important for you to go over every paycheck. Very simple... [Continue Reading]

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Quincy lawyer, girlfriend charged in Marshfield man's killing
MARSHFIELD – Almost a month after a grisly killing and burglary shook this coastal town, police have arrested two Quincy residents – one of them a lawyer – and will charge them as accomplices in the killing of 45-year-old Robert McKenna. The arrests of ...

Lawyer grilling Cosby 'goes after guys who hurt women'
The lawyers have been told not to discuss it, and so the location of this highly anticipated face-off is a closely guarded secret. But it's no secret that Allred has been eagerly awaiting her moment with a man she views as a sexual predator. "Mr. Cosby ...

Perry's lawyer asks appeals court to move hearing because of Italy vacation plans
It's the latter date that's a problem for Perry lawyer David Botsford, who is taking the lead on the appeal. "Unfortunately, on Aug. 12, 2015, Mr. Botsford and his wife arranged a prepaid vacation to Florence, Italy. Accordingly, Mr. Botsford ...

Houston Attorney Philip Hilder Named to Top Lawyer Lists for Texas, US
HOUSTON, Oct. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Noted white-collar criminal defense attorney Philip Hilder of Houston has earned selection in the most recent editions of The Best Lawyers in America and Texas Super Lawyers, two widely respected guides to the ...

Petoskey lawyer took trips, fixed his cottage with pilfered funds
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) – A disbarred attorney from Petoskey accused of financing lavish vacations and home repairs with an elderly client's money is facing new charges of mail fraud and tax evasion. Michael Aho Kennedy, 67, was indicted Thursday ...

American Tacopina buys Italy club Venezia
ROME -- After Rome and Bologna, Venice is the latest stop for New York lawyer Joe Tacopina in his Grand Tour of Italian soccer. Tacopina and a group of American investors announced the purchase of the lagoon city's fourth-division soccer club Venezia ...

The Plaintiffs' Lawyer Protection Bureau
In taking this step, the Bureau once again departs from its consumer-protection mission and embraces a very different role—as the “Plaintiffs' Lawyer Protection Bureau.” The Bureau will claim that its decision is the product of a comprehensive multi ...

After leaving Bologna, NY lawyer Tacopina buys Venice's club
ROME (AP) — After Rome and Bologna, Venice is the latest stop for New York lawyer Joe Tacopina in his Grand Tour of Italian soccer. Tacopina and a group of American investors announced the purchase of the lagoon city's fourth-division soccer club ...

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