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Medical Malpractice and Wisdom Teeth Extraction – 5 Signs You Have Been a Victim

Probably one of the most-dreadful days in a person's life is the notorious, "Wisdom teeth extraction day." Everyone I have encountered who discusses their medical history always remembers the dreadful day they got their wisdom teeth pulled. Post extraction days will most likely be the worst couple days of pain the average person ever has to experience, and for that reason, people are always... [Continue Reading]

Most Common Injuries Suffered at Walt Disney World

Amusement and theme parks are popular among kids and parents because of the promise of fun and the thrill of riding the many fun rides. The Walt Disney World is one such amazing park where people for to have fun. Usually, it is safe, and not many accidents happen there. However, there is always the occasional incident that the company usually tries to resolve outside the courts by paying off... [Continue Reading]

Common Car Accidents and Who is Likely at Fault

Car accidents can and do happen. The important thing is that everybody gets to go home at the end. No one likes being in an accident, but a bruise or even a laceration is always better than death. And to get proper treatment that will keep a seemingly minor injury from turning into something worse, you need have access to funds that will take care of your medical and hospital bills. This is... [Continue Reading]

Auto Injury Tips: 9 Things Not to Do After a Car Accident

Car Accidents happen pretty frequently in the US. In fact, there are an estimated 6 million car accidents every year. Many of these only result in property damage and injuries, while a significant number results in fatalities. Data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2013 shows that there were 33,561 car accident fatalities in 2012. However, seeing as... [Continue Reading]

10 Incredible Medical Malpractice Statistics

Don’t believe that you’ll always receive the best care and doctors will enforce best practices. Whether the doctor is incompetent, negligent, or makes a simple mistake with patient records, medical malpractices occur every day in America.  Some of the statistics are actually hard to believe. The Top 10 Malpractice Stats Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnose – Most... [Continue Reading]

5 of the Biggest Medical Malpractice Lawsuits of the Past Decade

We want to trust them with our lives because let’s face it, sometimes we’re in dire need of medical help. Although the best recipe for a healthy life is avoiding doctors and physicians in multiple disciplines, sometimes we need attention. The following malpractice lawsuits and mishaps go down as some of the craziest and most controversial in the last decade. The Big Five Dude... [Continue Reading]

How to Spend Smart

Presented by SpendSmart [Continue Reading]

How A Murder Charge & Wrongful Death Lawsuit Can Have Different Outcomes

​When a person is charged with murder, it is important to understand the distinction between this charge and a wrongful death action. A murder charge is a type of criminal charge that carries criminal penalties with it. These penalties may include prison time, fines, probation and community service. Criminal defense lawyers handle these types of cases. A wrongful death lawsuit enables the... [Continue Reading]

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Ask the Lawyer: Can a belligerent lawyer be held in contempt?
A: Lawyers can express disagreement with a judge's ruling or decision and, if effective, the judge might actually reconsider. If the lawyer does so in a notably belligerent manner, without a modicum of professionalism, the lawyer might wish he or she ...

Lawyer for Chisholm, election officials argues for secret filing
Madison — A lawyer for election officials and Milwaukee County's top prosecutor on Tuesday sought to keep secret their response to a lawsuit over campaign finance laws. Attorney Daniel Kelly asked to file under seal his brief and a host of documents ...

J&J Ignored Reports Pinnacle Hip Implants Failed: Lawyer
To protect billions of dollars in sales, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) ignored reports that the metal-on-metal version of its Pinnacle hip implants failed at alarming rates, a lawyer told jurors at the end of the first case to go to trial over the devices. J ...

Lawyer Says Three-Year Suspension Equals Disbarment
In his report and recommendation to the Supreme Court, Decatur lawyer John Hyatt cited two factors in Lea's favor. "Respondent has no prior discipline and appears genuinely remorseful," Hyatt wrote in recommending a six-month suspension with ...

GT Advanced nears deal over Apple secrecy - lawyer
At a hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, GT Advanced's lawyer, Luc Despins, said he was "optimistic" an agreement would be reached within the next hour or so to resolve disputes with Apple over the disclosure of details in ...

Judge scolds lawyer for having baby in court
When I first heard the story about an Atlanta judge who reprimanded an immigration attorney for bringing her 4-week-old to court for a hearing -- a hearing the attorney, Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle, told CNN she asked the judge to reschedule because she was ...

Court ruling a victory for all victims of sexual abuse, says lawyer for former ... - The Post-Standard
Court ruling a victory for all victims of sexual abuse, says lawyer for former ...

Lawyer: Tsarnaev friend smoked pot for “12 hours straight”
BOSTON (AP) — A lawyer for a friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has told jurors the man didn't lie to the FBI during the bombing investigation, but couldn't remember certain details because he had smoked marijuana “for 12 ...

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