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Sick pay for self employed workers

Are you self-employed? Are you currently ill or injured and unsure what to do next?  Sick pay for self employed workers can be a tricky one.  There are lots of people offering advice, but it is not always clear.  Getting sick pay for self employed work can certainly be confusing.  But you can! If you head to the DWP health and work website, which is a government run... [Continue Reading]

Big US Retailers Take on Visa and MasterCard in Battle over Swipe Fees

Major retailers in the US are rallying against credit giants Visa and MasterCard in an effort to fight what they believe to be unfairly inflated credit processing swipe fees. National retail chains such as Target, Macy’s and JC Penny are involved in the lawsuit, along with many other merchants. The increased swipe fees, according to the retailers involved in the legal battle, place an... [Continue Reading]

NHS Hospital Care Failings

The patient care provided within NHS hospitals seems to be a constant topic being debated in the press. The Stafford Hospital scandal, which involved hundreds of needless patient deaths, widespread abuse and poor patient care, has dominated the headlines over the recent months. At the hospital, incidents occurred such as patients being left so thirsty that they had to resort to drinking water... [Continue Reading]

Tips for contesting a will

Contesting a will is a big decision, and we understand that this might be an intense period in your life. Organisations like Will Claim Solicitors offer quality advice when it comes to contesting a will. If you are even considering contesting, then these places will understand that you require as much information to support you with your challenging decision as possible. If you visit advisors,... [Continue Reading]

What To Do If You’re Involved in a Road Traffic Accident

Accidents are, unfortunately, are a part of driving. However, being prepared and knowing what to do afterwards will mean that you won’t add stress to the already upsetting situation. Be Prepared You should keep an accident pack in your car that includes a pen and notebook at the very least. Ideally include a disposable camera in case your phone is damaged. It could also include things... [Continue Reading]

How to Limit Your Risk and Liability As a Landlord

Being a landlord isn’t always the easy life that many property owners imagine when they start leasing residences. The landlord’s life is a major source of stress for many, and can be a very risky business for the uninformed. If you haven’t got all your bases covered as a property owner, then you could be leaving yourself open to significant risk and liability from several... [Continue Reading]

What Are the Legal Limitations for Private Investigators?

Contrary to what the movies, television, radio and any other form of media tells you, private detectives aren’t above the law. Movies are quick to promulgate the social fallacy that private investigators are a lawless bunch – snooping through people’s property, breaking into homes, tapping phones, or doing anything else that is highly illegal for a private citizen to do. Yes,... [Continue Reading]

Legal Marketing and Social Media

While many choose to resist the vortex of social media, its benefits cannot be overstated. Oftentimes I have my worries about the younger generations and being born into a world in which social media is everywhere. The benefits social media offers to businesses and legal firms cannot be stressed enough. Using it as a attorney marketing platform, your business as a whole, or to get your own... [Continue Reading]

Personal Injury FAQ

Every year, many people suffer personal injuries, whether in public places, on the road, or even at work. For many people, these personal injuries can cause massive inconvenience, considerable pain and discomfort and can mean having to take time off work. This is why those who fall victim to such injuries, may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. If your personal injury has resulted... [Continue Reading]

Writing a Will: FAQ

Writing a will is something that many of us keep intending to do but never quite get around to. With today's fast pace of life, many of us have little enough time to do the things that we want or need to do without having to think about something that we hope we won't need for many years to come. However, a will is an extremely important document and is not something that should be organised... [Continue Reading]