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Divorce Attorney Consultations: 5 Questions to Ask

These days it is estimated that somewhere between a third and half of all marriages are bound to end in divorce. And while nobody thinks on their wedding day that their marital bliss could end in separation and a bitter lawsuit, the truth is that you very nearly have even odds of staying together or getting divorced. Of course, taking the time to get to know someone before you get hitched can... [Continue Reading]

Cyclists vs. Motorists: The War on Blame

There is a long held dispute between cyclists and motorists about who has right of way on the British highway. Motorists argue that cyclists don’t have to pass a road safety test, or pay any tax to use the road network; cyclists argue that motorists think they own the road and show cyclists little consideration, such as by not giving them sufficient space or cutting them up in an... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways to Improve the Online Privacy Policy for Your Business

As the Internet has grown, so has concern for privacy. Many people shopping online are overly aware of some of the privacy breaches that they run into on a daily basis. When it comes down to it, any given website may embed what they call cookies into your temporary Internet history, so that your online viewing trends are monitored. The cookies are intended to give customers a more customized... [Continue Reading]

Frequently Asked Questions about DNA Paternity Testing

Whether you have doubts that you are the father of a child or you need proof of paternity to show to the child’s mother, you may find yourself looking for an accurate and easy-to-use paternity test at some time in your life. If you are unfamiliar with paternity tests and how they work, you probably have a lot of questions running through your mind about their accuracy and mechanics. Here... [Continue Reading]

Uncooperative Cars and Drunken Drivers

There are a number of ways to avoid driving when drunk; handing the keys over to a designated driver, not drinking in the first place, or realising when you are likely to be over the limit. However, these depend on a number of factors and can also be harder achieve than we may think. After a few drinks, unfortunately, our confidence levels rise, our inhibitions fall away and our willingness to... [Continue Reading]

Caution! Frozen Sidewalks: What Safety Responsibility do Retail Stores have to Their Customers?

Retailers should not be surprised when it gets cold in the winter. Temperatures routinely dip below freezing on a nightly basis. In some cases, it may not be warm enough during the day to melt any moisture located on the sidewalk or near the store entrance. What should retailers be concerned about when icy conditions persist on store property? Customers Can Sue For Pain And Suffering If a... [Continue Reading]

Trouble with your landlords? Here are a few tips that should help

Forget troublesome tenants – what to do when your landlord doesn’t play fair There’s a lot of advice available for landlords with problem tenants, but what about when the situation is reversed? Most landlords are perfectly reasonable, allowing you to enjoy your tenancy in “quiet enjoyment” without harassment, unplanned visits, or unreasonable demands, but what... [Continue Reading]

5 Major Benefits of Having Your Criminal Record Expunged

Having a criminal record isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it can certainly make your life more difficult. As a result, you may be interested in the prospect of expunging your record, or making it as though it never existed in the first place. In case you didn’t know, this is an option for many one-time offenders and even for some who have multiple offenses (depending... [Continue Reading]

SSD Law Firms: Choosing One For Success

What is SSD? Social Security Disability is available to individuals who have serious medical conditions that will not be able to work for a sustained period of time (over 12 months generally). This portion of Social Security is designed for those who have been paying into Social Security throughout their life, but who have become unable to continue working because of injury and require... [Continue Reading]

When do Juveniles Stand Trial as Adults?

Recently, it is becoming more common to hear reports of minors, individuals under the age of 18, engaging in very serious crimes. These crimes may include sexual assault, robbery, and murder. In some cases, the minor is charged as a juvenile, while in other cases the minor may be charged as an adult. There are certain factors that the legal system must take into consideration when... [Continue Reading]