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How To Prepare For Your Personal Injury Case

The most important aspect to remember in regard to your personal injury lawsuit is that being organized will make or break your case. Let’s take your classic slip and fall case—you are at the grocery store, an employee forgets to clean up the mess the broken milk carton created, you slip and break your tailbone. You are officially furious! So you do what every rational human being does—you go after the grocery store. In order to successfully sue the grocery store, Pryers Solicitors says you need to remember the following steps:

  1. How did the incident occur?

Ever think back to a time when you were telling a story where you didn’t exaggerate just a little. We have been guilty of exaggerating more than one story at our annual office party!! But remember, you are going to court. Candor and honesty are the most important traits you need to have while telling you story. Your attorney expects you to tell him/her the truth. Don’t let facts and statements come out during trial—your attorney should never have a look of surprise on his/her face. Going back to our classic slip and fall case, the most essential facts that your attorney should be aware of are: When it happened? How it happened? Did anyone else see it happen? These are just some of the questions your attorney will ask you while assessing your case.

  1. Records, Reports, Receipts: Produce Copies

Typically, personal injury suits ask for damages. In our case above, medical bills and expenses incurred as a result of your tailbone being injured will form the “damages” part of the case. Keep copies of every single expense made, as your attorney will ask for copies of the same. In the event that you are forced to remain at home, you might have “lost wages.” Copies of previous pay slips will help your attorney assess how much he needs to claim as “lost wages”.

  1. Cooperate and Communicate With Your Attorney

Agreed, attorneys hate pesky clients. But attorneys love clients who are willing to go above and beyond to accommodate their attorney. Communicating with your attorney during every stage of your case is important. This communication can prove to be instrumental to developing your case strategy.   Be proactive; when your attorney asks you for a copy of a medical bill or medical record, find it and send it to him/her as soon as you have your hands on it. If you were the type of person who listened and followed step 2 above, you already have the requested copy!!! Of course, hold your attorney accountable, he/she should be communicating with you as well.

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