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Compensation Claims Avoid Court

The society that we live in has changed dramatically over recent years and a compensation culture has emerged. More and more people are pursuing the opportunity to gain financial compensation for things they have experienced, in particular, when they have been hurt or injured in an accident that was not their fault.

The number of compensation claims made rises in its thousands every year since 2000 when the new culture seemed to begin. Traffic related injuries and accidents, which happen in the workplace are the most likely incidents to encourage a claim for compensation. Vehicle insurance companies are now enforcing new legislation to ensure claims made regarding whiplash are genuine to prevent the large amount of money that is paid out due to false or misleading claims. The compensation culture has caused a huge impact on the financial economy and has seen ordinary people fall victim to higher insurance premiums to cover the costs of paying out compensation claims.

The personal injury market is now huge with more solicitors becoming knowledgeable in the personal injury market to cope with demand. Birmingham personal injury solicitors are just one of many firms that handle the claims and cases that are brought to them from disgruntled members of the public.

Compensation claims are regularly held in court and this not only takes a long period of time to resolve but is costly for all those involved taking time away from serious cases. New legislation has been brought in to enable the claims to be handled faster and cases are now far easier to make and to handle and it is mainly dealt with online. The new system will not effect the amount of money that is awarded to legitimate claims, but the system will reduce the amount of money spent as a whole on cases being brought to court.

The online portal will take away the need to go to court and can be used for claims of up to £25,000.

The system will also be far more in depth in terms of the questions asked and the information, which is required. The need to disregard false claims has never been more important and the online system will be taking effect immediately.

This is not to say that all claims are falsified, there are people out there that have been genuinely hurt and affected by accidents that were caused through things out of their control and this system will not restrict them and it will ensure they will receive exactly what they are entitled too without having to pay out large costs to those that simply do not deserve it. There is still a need to contact a personal injury solicitor as they can advise you the best way to make a claim and whether you have a case.

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