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A Step Ahead: 5 Reasons Professional Representation is Important to Your Case

Even when a person feels professional advice is not necessary, it is often in one's best interest to consult a legal professional for help after an accident. Legal proceedings are intricate and complicated. Contacting an attorney gives exposure to the expertise, insight, and experience that a lawyer has to offer. The contact can be critical to understanding the basis of a claim, the possible... [Continue Reading]

Compensation Woes:  5 Ways to Help Ensure Your Injury Case Gets the Best Outcome Possible

All successful personal injury claims are based on solid evidence. There must be sufficient facts to support the victim’s position as to both liability and damages. Without either foundation, the case will almost certainly fall. Evidence alone is not enough. Personal injury lawyers must also use legal theories that are easy for the jury to follow. These theories must serve as a pathway to... [Continue Reading]

What to Know About DUIs in the State of Arizona

Driving under the influence is never a good idea, especially with the vast amount of other transportation options out there today. If you live in the state of Arizona and you are caught driving under the influence, you can rest assured you’ll face some severe penalties, which include loss of driving privileges, fines, or even jail time. Before you get behind the wheel of your vehicle after a... [Continue Reading]

What Happens When a Commercial Driver Hits You?

There are lots of sources out there offering legal help for people after a car accident, with many different options, depending on the nature of your injuries. This leads to the question, what about truck accidents? 333,000 large trucks were involved in crashes in 2011, the majority of them resulting from driver negligence. Much larger than the average commercial vehicle, there is... [Continue Reading]

4 Steps to Take If You Are Injured During a Surgical Procedure

Surgical procedures can take place after careful planning or during a medical emergency. Patients have to trust their surgeons to make split second decisions and act in ways that best preserve their health. There’s always a risk when you go under the knife, but some medical accidents can be avoided, despite what healthcare professionals say.  At the Plouff Law firm, all of your... [Continue Reading]

Digital Dirt is Helping Lawyers Win In Court

Many people share way too much on social media. How many times have you seen your friends or relatives going on about something private in their life on the newsfeed? Even criminals and civil litigants tend to ruminate about their problems online. Did you know that many times people get on Facebook or Twitter to rant before their big day in court? Unfortunately, this 140-character... [Continue Reading]

Personal Injury While Jaywalking. Who's responsible?

If you’re operating a motor vehicle and hit a pedestrian while they’re jaywalking, it’s possible you’ll be liable for their bodily harm, even though they were illegally jaywalking. The pedestrian’s bodily injury claim may require you to pay for their medical bills now and in the future; their pain and suffering; their psychological anguish; and any wages... [Continue Reading]

Do You Know What to do if You are in an Accident With a Semi Truck?

Despite the frequency and severity of these crashes, many people do not know what do do in these cases. And that’s usually okay, as long as they know enough to get the best professional help in a semi-truck accident. The main reason these vehicles are involved in so many accidents is their sheer size. A fully-loaded large truck weighs over 40 tons. Furthermore, lobbying groups routinely... [Continue Reading]

Encourage an Elderly Parent to Save Their Estate with Careful Planning

Making a plan for an estate is important to safeguard one’s assets and also these must be appropriately distributed. For most of the children, determining the needs of a disabled person appears to be a stressful task. As such, making a will becomes important while your parent is able to express their wishes. The procedure to encourage someone to start planning of their will might not be... [Continue Reading]

Freak Accidents - Are You Covered by Your Insurance Policy?

Freak accidents are a complex legal area since they aren’t standard. If it occurs at work, is it workers’ compensation, personal injury or something else? If there is a freak accident at your home, is it covered by homeowner’s insurance, liability insurance or something else? If a freak accident ends with a casualty, your life insurance may pay out, but so might other types of... [Continue Reading]