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3 Reasons to File a Yaz Lawsuit

Yaz is a fairly popular contraception pill taken by women in a broad age range. If you have taken it, however, you may be susceptible to certain illnesses. Unfortunately, some of these illnesses are life threatening and may result in a lot of medical bills. If you have any cardiovascular, liver, and vein problems after taking Yaz for birth control, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the drug creator. While a law suit can't correct your medical issues, it can help you become more financially stable and hold the drug creator responsible.

Getting Help For Your Injuries

Filing a Yaz lawsuit can be the first step in getting help for your injuries and illness caused by the drug. You may be experiencing migraines, recurrence of breast cancer, high levels of potassium, and a variety of other issues. If you are unable to find a doctor who will take your medical issues seriously, or you can't pay for certain treatments, becoming a part of a Yaz lawsuit can open some doors. When you are in a law suit you will be able to get medical assessments and a financial settlement that will help you move forward on the road back to good health.

Financial Help

You should not be paying for the mistakes of someone else, and filing a law suit against the drug company can help in this department. A law suit or settlement payment will help you pay off past medical bills and pay for any treatments that you need in the future. While you medical insurance may be paying for some of your procedures and medication, chances are great that you are paying for a lot of things out of pocket. Chronic cardiovascular issues or cancer should not be paid for out of your pocket when a drug creator provided inadequate warnings about the possible side effects of Yaz.

Holding the Drug Creator Responsible

A law suit also sends the message that the drug creator should be held responsible for releasing a dangerous drug to the public. On top of any financial assistance that you may get from the suit, it may also provide you with some peace of mind that you are not letting the drug creator get away with its abuse of power. False advertising and a failure to provide enough warning are serious accusations that you should not take lightly, but when you have valid proof you should also take action to rectify the problem.

A Yaz law suit cannot erase any serious medical issues from your life, but it may be able to help you recover financial and mentally from some of the injuries caused. If you believe that you experienced injury or illness because you were the victim of false advertising or were not properly warned about the medical issues that Yaz can cause - a law suit is a viable way to get some compensation. Be aware that a law suit does not resolve overnight however, and be prepared to deal with attorneys and legal matters for months or even years.

Jeremy S is a litigation consultant. He frequently shares his top legal findings on law and consumer blogs.

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