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Ficano taps Northville attorney for water board
Detroit —Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano has nominated James Fausone as his appointment to the Detroit Water Board.
Attorney Rips Prosecutor In Infant Rat Poison Death
The attorney representing a woman who ingested rat poison, resulting in her infant's death, says the woman should never have been prosecuted.
Lawyer: ‘Rockefeller’ Innocent In 1985 California Murder
He made the rounds as Clark Rockefeller, and made headlines kidnapping his daughter. Now, he is an accused killer, charged with murdering his former landlord in 1985.
KCK lawyer convicted on tax charges
A federal jury in Kansas on Tuesday convicted a Kansas City, Kan., attorney of not paying employment and income taxes. Jurors convicted Rosie M. Quinn, 55, of seven counts of failure to pay employment taxes and two counts of failure to pay income taxes.
'The Lincoln Lawyer,' 3 stars
Matthew McConaughey is entertaining as low-rent lawyer Mick Haller in ''The Lincoln Lawyer,'' from the Michael Connelly novel. He's defending rich client Louis Roulet, but things start getting tricky the more he learns about the case. What could be a fun film gets bogged down in an increasingly farfetched story. (R - 119 minutes) P, S, V.
Rajaratnam Lawyer Challenges Kumar's Testimony on Insider Tips, Payments
Raj Rajaratnam’s lawyer challenged Anil Kumar , the former McKinsey & Co. partner testifying for the government, on his claims that he gave Rajaratnam inside tips including earnings information for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and planned employee firings at EBay Inc.
Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer
Reviewed by Lisa Schwarzbaum | B
'The Lincoln Lawyer' and 5 more Michael Connelly books worth a read
Add these books to your reading list. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Lionsgate teams with Groupon on "Lincoln Lawyer"
Lionsgate is partnering with Groupon to sell half-price $6.00 tickets for "The Lincoln Lawyer," starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe. The film is opening wide this Friday.
Raj Rajaratnam's lawyer goes on the attack
The lawyer of a billionaire hedge fund manager facing insider-trading charges in New York stepped up his attack on the government's star witness on Tuesday, claiming the information his client Raj ...
Attorney of mom accused of eating rat poison: Charges unwarranted
An attorney is denouncing murder and attempted feticide charges filed against an Indianapolis woman who tried to commit suicide while pregnant. Her child died as a result.
'Rockefeller' to lawyer: I didn't kill Calif. man
A man who claimed to be a member of the storied Rockefeller family insists he had nothing to do with the killing of a California man more than 25 years ago, his lawyer said Wednesday — a day after Los Angeles prosecutors charged the man with murder in the case.
Attorney admits to conspiring with former sheriff
A criminal defense attorney in Whitley County has admitted to conspiring with the former Whitley County sheriff to extort money from his clients.
Issa subpoenas Madoff trustee on ex-SEC lawyer
The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed records from Bernard Madoff Trustee Irving Picard to determine if a former Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer should have advised the agency on Madoff matters because he inherited money from a Madoff fund.
Rajaratnam lawyer: information public, not secret
Accused hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam did not get secrets about Advanced Micro Devices Inc and eBay Inc from a former high-placed friend because the information was already public, his lawyer argued at trial on Wednesday.
'Lincoln Lawyer' covers familiar crime territory
The film is only "superior" though, not great. The themes feel shopworn and devotee of crime fiction can point to the any number of antecedents for these characters.
Rajaratnam Lawyer Challenges Kumar on Insider Tips, Payments
Raj Rajaratnam’s lawyer challenged Anil Kumar, the former McKinsey & Co. partner testifying for the government, on his claims that he gave Rajaratnam inside tips including earnings information for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and planned employee firings at EBay Inc.
Ex-sheriff's attorney admits he extorted money from defendants
A Williamsburg defense attorney has admitted conspiring with the former Whitley County sheriff to ex
Maloof attorney files trademark papers for 'Anaheim Royals' name
A Sacramento attorney representing the Maloof family, owners of the Sacramento Kings, earlier this month filed federal trademark registrations for the names “Anaheim Royals.”
Trustees hire new attorney
The Parlier Unified School District governing board hired a new attorney, Mary Hernandez, after dismissing its former attorney of nearly 20 years, Mike Smith of Lozano Smith Attorneys at Law in Fresno.
El Paso lawyer Frank Feuille IV dies of cancer
Longtime El Paso lawyer, supporter of the arts and active community member Frank Feuille IV died Monday after a brief bout with pancreatic cancer, friends and family members said. ›› Guest book: Offer condolences to family and friends
Lawyer registers 'Anaheim Royals' name
SACRAMENTO, March 16 (UPI) -- An attorney associated with the Sacramento Kings' owners has registered the name "Anaheim Royals" with the U.S. trademark office, documents indicate.
Lawyer spirits mansion away
KUALA LUMPUR: A lawyer here has dismantled a century-old colonial mansion in Perak, only to piece it together again hundreds of kilometres away in the coastal state of Terengganu.
Former U.S. attorney in Seattle in favor of legalizing pot
A former U.S. attorney from Seattle says marijuana should be decriminalized and regulated to end the unnecessary violence spawned by the drug trade in the U.S. and Mexico.
Defense attorney argues client only intended armed robbery, not murder
"Look, he doesn't deny that he committed an armed robbery, that there was a conspiracy," said attorney Jerome Sabbota in closing arguments as his client, James Randle, 35, of Detroit sat motionless at the defense table.
Attorney: Taxpayer Dollars Used To Challenge Gracedale Petition
The battle over Northampton County's Gracedale nursing home... it's complicated, it's costly, but is it also criminal?
Prominent Attorney, Friend Of WLWT Dies
A prominent and well-respected attorney in Cincinnati has lost his battle with leukemia.
Attorney general designee recommended by committee
CHRIS STEIN Associated Press JUNEAU, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell's pick for attorney general has been recommended by the Senate Judiciary Committee. John J. Burns, who previously worked as a corporate and insurance defense attorney, faces a hearing later this week in the House Judiciary Committee. He, and all Parnell's Cabinet picks, must be confirmed by a joint legislative session. Burns has been ...
Lawyer says Pakistan freed American for 'blood money'
A murder case against an American CIA contractor that had threatened already troubled U.S.-Pakistani relations came to an abrupt end Wednesday after $1.4 million in "blood money" was paid to the families of the two men he was accused of killing, according to the contractor's lawyer.
Nixon investigation to help AFL: lawyer
The lawyer who investigated AFL player manager Ricky Nixon's behaviour says some valuable lessons should emerge.
The Lincoln Lawyer Review
Matthew McConaughey excels at playing slightly sleazy douchebags, and with his new film, The Lincoln Lawyer, he may have portrayed his best one yet.
Editorial: Attorney general must remain independent
Several bills have been proposed in this year's legislative session that would alter the role of the state attorney general.
‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ movie trailer and poster!
The Lincoln Lawyer starring Mathew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe from Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment! Related posts: The Tree of Life movie poster and trailer! Watch the just released movie trailer of the new film... Red Riding Hood movie poster and trailer released! Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood starring lovely Amanda Seyfried's official... ‘John Carpenter’s The Ward’ movie ...
Toronto rapper’s lawyer alleges racial profiling in gun case
Defence lawyer Edward Greenspan spent Wednesday making final Charter arguments on behalf of his rapper client.
Suspect in Yale killing to plead guilty, attorney says
A lab technician charged in the strangling of a Yale graduate student less than a week before she was to be married plans to plead guilty Thursday, his attorney said.
El Paso lawyer Frank Feuille IV dies at 68
Longtime El Paso lawyer, supporter of the arts and active community member Frank Feuille IV died Monday after a brief bout with pancreatic cancer, friends and family members said. ›› Guest book: Offer condolences to family and friends
Regional Mobility Authority's issues await decision by Texas attorney general
EDINBURG — Commissioners will ask the Attorney General’s Office to resolve a dispute that split the court along clear lines over whether they reflected the “geographical diversity” of Hidalgo County when appointing four McAllen residents to...
Flix: The best lawyer movies
"What do you have if three lawyers are buried up to their necks in cement?" Not enough cement.
Lightbourne parts with own attorney's views
Minister of Justice and Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne startled those present at the Manatt-Dudus commission of enquiry when she revealed that she disagreed with the interpretations of an eminent...
Attorney says he, ex-sheriff extorted money from defendants
A Williamsburg defense attorney has admitted conspiring with a former Whitley County sheriff to exto
Lawyer bats for underdog in Heidelberg West
TO many, a lawyer and a compassionate heart do not mix. But for Scott Ashley, they go hand in hand.
'Lincoln Lawyer' puts McConaughey in the driver's seat
Matthew McConaughey may be the only actor in Hollywood who can swagger while sitting down. He drawls and cracks out that toothy grin and it's lock-your-daughters-up and hide-your-money time. You either fall for his charm or roll your eyes at his chutzpah.
Attorney withdraws from Burton's criminal case
Embattled Franklin police officer Bryan Burton is seeking a public defender to represent him at his criminal trial, after his private attorney withdrew last week.
Cantankerous Critic: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’
"The Lincoln Lawyer" seems like a movie destined for obscurity and the dustbins of history.
'Lincoln Lawyer' star, author dish!
EW exclusive! See Matthew McConaughey and novelist Michael Connelly cross-examine each other
Dubai lawyer denies stealing millions from Thai
A Dubai lawyer has appeared in court to deny charges that he stole tens of millions of dollars from former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
FILM REVIEW: McConaughey plays a hotshot attorney in 'Lincoln Lawyer'
"The Lincoln Lawyer" may not get any major award nominations, but it should receive a nod in the category of "most misleading title."
Harvard Lawyer, Columbia MBA And Engineer From AllianceBernstein Break Out
The San Diego-based advisors may be among the first to leave the company to turn independent.
'Lincoln Lawyer' a Great Ride
Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to make a complex and satisfying legal thriller, one that blends elements of detective fiction and courtroom cliffhanger.
Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and 37 Other Attorneys General Announce $68.5 Million Settlement Over Deceptive ...
California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and 37 other attorneys general today announced a $68.5 million settlement with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals for unfair and deceptive practices in its marketing of the antipsychotic drug Seroquel.