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What Should You Do When Injured On Vacation?

Getting hurt on vacation is not something that anyone wants to be faced with but unfortunately this is something that can happen. One moment of not being attentive or the actions of someone else can lead to an injury without any notice. It is really important that you prepare for this unwanted situation since that is going to keep you safe when you travel. You should always get travel insurance... [Continue Reading]

How The Divorce Process Works

Going through a divorce is difficult. Not only are emotions running high, but there are a bunch of legal hurdles that you need to jump through in order to complete the process. There are a lot of outside concerns – such as helping your kids through the divorce – complicating matters even further. Many people choose to hire an attorney to help them through the divorce process. A good... [Continue Reading]

Three of The Craziest Civil Cases In History (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Not all civil suits are created equal. Here are some of the most bizarre we’ve ever seen - and what they can teach you about your own case. Your civil trial is coming up. You’re probably pretty stressed about the outcome, and agonizing over what might happen whether you win or lose. Chances are, there’s not really a whole lot of humor in the whole situation for you. Not so... [Continue Reading]

Semi Truck Accidents: Dangers of Companies’ Obsession with Efficiency

Through multiple investigative reports into semi-truck accidents and the business practices of delivery companies in recent years, the American news media has been successful in shedding light on the culture that is present in companies such as UPS and FedEx. Naturally, these companies have an economic incentive to be as efficient as possible. But there is a fine line between boosting profits and... [Continue Reading]

Motorcycle Accidents: Study Shows Helmets Significantly Reduce Facial Injuries

There is only so much that a rider can do to keep themselves from being injured in a motorcycle accident. After all, two-wheeled motorbikes lack the protective shell afforded to the occupants of passenger vehicles. Common sense would tell us that motorcyclists need all of the safety gear they can get their hands on. Surprisingly, however, many riders will hit the road without protective head gear,... [Continue Reading]

What is the difference between child molestation and sexual abuse?

Most people are confused about the differences between sexual molestation and sexual abuse. Both of them are clearly explained by the law, and in this article, you will learn exactly what they are and how to notice the early warning signs. Sexual Abuse Women and children are the most frequent victims of sexual abuse. Most of the time, sexual abuse at a young age also includes deviation of... [Continue Reading]

Do You Have a Valid Slip-And-Fall Injury Claim?

A slip-and-fall accident may have severe consequences. A brief moment of not paying attention, and you can end up falling and hurting yourself. Depending on your lifestyle, this type of accident can have disastrous effects on your life. For example, if you are a pianist and suffer a slip-and-fall arm injury, you will no longer be able to perform, putting in danger your entire career. After your... [Continue Reading]

Do You Qualify For Disability Benefits?

Qualifying for SSD or SSI disability benefits is a matter of proving your case through substantial medical and vocational evidence, combined with a rational argument based on the Social Security Administration. You can ask the help of a SSD lawyer from your state that can assist you with all the difficult regulations you have to follow. There are two types of programs administered by the Social... [Continue Reading]

What does it mean to be charged with arson in California?

The first thing it's important to say is that a charge of arson is a serious thing, when it comes to California law. If you are facing an arson charge, you need to talk to an Orange County Criminal Attorney, who can help with your case. You need to make sure that you are well represented, as you could be facing a felony charge, depending on what type of arson you are accused of. In this article,... [Continue Reading]

What is Double Jeopardy?

Imagine being wrongfully accused of murder and found innocent by a jury of your peers, to only be retried and found guilty of the same offense. The double jeopardy clause protects each person from standing trial for the same crime twice. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution states, “nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or... [Continue Reading]